July 15th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear, it is 9:30 on Sunday night and as soon as I finish this letter I am going to go to bed. I have had quite a nice day today. Ross plays on our station baseball team and they were invited to play at an American Army camp, 17 miles from here on their 2nd anniversary, so he took me along too. We had a very nice game and they invited us for supper and what a meal. Fried chicken, real coffee and pineapple pie for dessert and all the cokes we wanted so as I said we had a very nice afternoon.
But their sleeping quarters were surprisingly poor. We are moving tomorrow to another hotel but they say it is quite nice and since we will not have any steps to climb I do not mind so much.
Well darling I received your cheque OK and thanks very much darling, but I am really not short of money, but it is always handy in case of an emergency.
Well dear I just found out that I am entitled to another 9 days eave so Ross and I are going to get out leaves together and go to London First and then up to Scotland. I expect to be going the first 9 days in August. So I hope your parcel arrives before then as we will certainly to able to use it, in fact darling if you do not think it will cost too much or be too much trouble you could send a little bottle over in every box, as you cannot get a thing over here and Ross and I could use a nip once or so a month.
By the way darling do you remember the night you had a shot? Boy you were certainly hot stuff that night, but that will not be anything like the way I will be the day I get home and it will not take a drink to make me feel that way. I certainly love you a lot darling and I am certainly going to try and make you really happy when I come home dear. I know that being separated will not make any difference in the way we feel towards each other and we will have a long time ahead of us, even though it seems so long now we will be together again and it will all seem just like something that happened a long time ago. But if I find out that I am going to be here for another year or so I really do think that it would be best for you and Donna to join me over here.
But Halifax will always hold such a special place in my heart and all the good times that we have together playing house and making up plans for the future. I know that I will always be happy when I am with you darling so we have a lot of life ahead of us and we have so much to do that I can hardly wait until I get home. Well enough of that day dreaming.
I feel so lonely and homesick when I read your letters and hear about all the good times that you are having on your holidays and on the beach. I know that poor Ted must feel a lot worse being away so much longer. But I feel by the way that they are sending home the fellows from over here that he will be home in October or November, and I certainly hope he appreciates that fact that he will be getting home sooner than a lot of the other lads here.
And so I will close now, so for now as always darling,
All my love,



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