July 12th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear, here it is Thursday. I came off leave yesterday after really having a wonderful time. I am writing this from my bed so please excuse the scribble. Well, we left my aunts place in Birmingham last Friday morning and arrived at Weston about 2 PM and what a place. My Aunt had the largest bedroom which is about the size of the bottom floor of our house. I had one not quite as large.
I went to a dance Friday night but it was not too hot, there is no getting away from it dear, I miss you so much. I just wandered around and rested.
Saturday and Sunday I looked around town. Monday we went to a lovely little place called Cheddar and went through some caves there and took some pictures, they were making a motion picture there and we watched them for a while.
We had our tea at a very nice hotel there and got back about 6PM. What a stock of liquor my uncle had, but of course Willie here had to be on his good behavior. Well, I got 5 dollars from my aunt and another $2.50 from my other aunt. I received a letter from you and 2 postcards and a letter from my Mom. Thank you darling. I received you first of 2 parcels OK after I received your letter darling.
I wished more than anything that we will be together again soon, it is not right that two people in love as much as you and I should be separated. I really need you and want you dearest and if I thought it was possible I would have you and Donna come over.
Both my aunts said we could live at their place if you did come over. There is nothing new on when we will be getting home but I do not think before Christmas for a lot of us. I guess Donna must be quite a little girl now, I wish I was with you both. But you can bet that when the next one comes I will be home. The main thing is that you are happy with Donna and that she reminds you of me.
They went wild over her picture at my aunts. Dad is well and is leg is a lot better. He has written to London to make arrangements for his trip home but as of of yet he had not heard anything.
The weather the last couple of days has been really nice but there has not been a night where we could not have gotten through without a blanket. But it is very refreshing weather and it helps keep up your appetite.
We are very lucky in Canada when we see some of the poor people over here practically in rags, the girls save all year and just manage to scrimp enough together to spend a week at a summer resort, they get very poor meals too.
Well darling I will end it here so for now dearest, all my love,
your loving husband,



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