December 18th, 1943

Hello dearest

Well darling here it is Saturday night and we have just come in from a walk and boy was it cold. I thought I would sit down and write you a few lines as I think you might be moving stations very soon and I wanted to get a few lines away to you before you go.
Christmas is only a week away and dear I will be missing you something awful this year. I was certainly hoping that you would be able to get home but we now know that your leave will be at New Years which is wonderful and I guess that next year when the baby comes along having you home at Christmas will be the best present that I could ever receive.
This week on Thursday I went out to supper after work with Dot from the office and I think it might be one of the last times that I go out after work seeing as I am quitting next week. She was absolutely lovely at supper and we had one of our wonderful talks about everything. I was telling her about you moving stations and that you will be home for New Years and that I was missing you very much, which of course you know already. She told me that she will be spending time at your fellows apartment for the holidays which I think is very nice for her and she seems very excited about getting a certain gift for Christmas, but dear I honestly think that he is taking her for a ride. I think he might one of those fellows who plays the field with all the office gals but Dot is convinced that he is the one. For her sake I am hoping that she is right but I have a feeling that it is not meant to be.
We are preparing here for our Christmas dinner and I think that Marg and Aunt Jessie will be here and that she will not have to stay the entire time over at the Simpson house. I think Marg is excited to be back with us for Christmas as Marg told me that she is not expecting very much form the Simpson in way of gifts. Lets just hope that she does not get a new mop as I am sure they will expect her to use it in their house. Darling, they are truly horrible people and I am glad that Ted will get home for Christmas so that he can spend some time with her.
Everyone here is fine and getting excited for Christmas. Beverley loves looking at all the pretty lights on the street and I am sure that once Christmas morning comes she will just light up with joy.
Well darling this will be a short letter and I will close now by saying that I miss you very much and that I love you very much and please hurry home for New Years so we can ring int he new year together like we have done for the last 8 years. Loving you more and more each day, from your loving wife,


XXXXXXXXXXX – these are Christmas kisses

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