December 17th, 1943

Hello darling

I have just come in from work and I have read your letter and I thought I would sit right down before supper and get a few lines away to you before the evening mail is picked up.
How have you been keeping darling, I hope that the weather down there continues to be nice and mild as back here in Toronto it has been nothing but cold and miserable. We all have had to make sure that we have our winter coats hats and mittens on otherwise we just might freeze to death. My folks place has been very cold, Pop thinks that there might be something wrong with the pipes so you know him, he has been downstairs the last 3 nights tinkering with the furnace to try and get more heat upstairs tot he bedrooms.
Beverley has taken to climbing into bed with me, as Mom and Pop usually start her off in their bed and then she wanders through to my room. I am not sure how they do not know that she has left the room, but she finds her way over to me and then we snuggle together to try and keep warm. After all I have this large belly of mine and dear, the baby certainly generates a lot of heat. So at least there is one great thing that has come out of this, I have my own little furnace.
Darling, I am not going to ask about your move but I am wondering once you have moved how am I going to know where to send my letters to? I am guessing that I will have to wait to hear form you before I start writing back to you again. It will be very hard for me not to know where you are and how I can get word to you if anything happens, which I know nothing will, but just to be sure please let me know as soon as possible where you are and how I can reach you.
Your Mom and Pop are doing just fine, I was over at their place 2 nights ago and Auntie Bessie called while I was there. They were all asking for you and how you were doing and if you were excited to be moving stations to which I told them all hat you were looking forward to getting a placement closer to home so I asked them all to keep their fingers crossed and say a little prayer.
Work has been very busy and I am very much looking forward to stop working as by the end of the day my feet are almost killing me, and I oft come home to soak them in a hot tub. Dot is not happy that I will not be working anymore and she says that no matter what she make sure that she comes and visits me while I am not working. She says that she will take me out to lunch at least once a month and I would very much like that but dear, I think she is all talk when it comes to that as I think she would rather be spending most of her time with her fellow.
Marg and I went to the show on the weekend and I think she was very happy to be out of that Simpson house. She would not tell me all the details but I think she misses Ted something awful and I think if she could she would come back to live with me and my folks. She did say to me that she had done the weekly shopping and when she got home, as the weather has turned cold, she was freezing. But good old (and I mean OLD) Mrs Simpson sent her back out to get something that Marg had forgot. So poor old Marg had to go back out int hat cold to get it for her. She really is a miserable sod of a lady.
Well darling, supper is almost ready as I can smell it from upstairs, so darling loving you more and more each day and I am counting the days to your leave until we can see each other again.
Love always form your growing wife,



One thought on “December 17th, 1943

  1. Nail biting! Now we have proof that baby Beverly sees Doreen as her moma! –leaving her bio parent’s bed to snuggle with Doreen, who doesn’t see (a painful reality) that her parents will never “notice”….

    Also my hopes soared for Marg when I read she had left the nasty Simpsons home! but it was only for a show….


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