July 17th, 1943

Hello Darling:

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and I’m back in my own little nook at the Depot here. I had a pretty good train ride dear and we were only 4 hours late so that isn’t too bad. I arrived in here at 2:30AM this morning and all and all I feel pretty good about the trip.
It certainly was tough parting dear but then we are lucky seeing how I’ll be getting up in about 5 months but then I’ll keep an eye open for a nice place again for you dear.
Well I’m pretty well settled in my bunk down here and I’m in with some real good fellows and so I’m going to be fairly well connected for a while anyway. They are showing “Air Force” on the station show tonight and Monday they are showing that Frankenstein picture. The orchestra is going on leave today so we won’t be having any dances for a couple of weeks but then as you are not here I won’t miss very much.
How is my Mother? I hope that she did not take to hard that I came back here as soon as I did. I know that me taking you back down to Toronto was a blessing, but she had to realize that I would eventually have to come back here to the depot.
I guess I should tell you more about my trip back. We got in to Montreal about 6 o’clock Wednesday night and so I had my supper at Murray’s with another fellow I met on the train and we then got the 8:10 train for Halifax and the train was not anywhere near crowded.
Bob Hobb’s is home on leave now so it is to bad that I did not know that or we both could have come back down here together.
Well dear I certainly had a marvellous time at home, and I am just sorry that it had to come to an end so soon but then that is the way it always is, all good things must come to an end. Well I am going to get to bed early for the next month or so to catch up on all my sleep and I think that I’ll have lots of opportunity, and have you gone back to your Mothers yet? Try and drop in and see my folks now and again will you dear? I know that you will be rather busy getting ready to go away for your vacation up north.
Oh by the way dear write Mrs. Mullens as soon as you can so that the cheque can be forwarded on to you dear in case you will need any money for your holidays and don’t skimp on anything you want dear and you open up an account at any bank that you think is handiest for you dear.
I have your clocks and a few odds and ends around dear so I’ll hold on to them until you need them. Well darling I’m afraid that I have not got much more news to tell you right away but I knew that you would be waiting to hear how I had made out on my trip. So you can tell my Mother that I arrived fine and that I am feeling just dandy this time. I will write you and my Mother on Sunday or Monday for sure dear and try and give you a little more news so in the meantime I hope that you have a real good weekend dear and darling you know how much I love you so I’ll just close with,
Love from your lonely husband,



P.S – tell Marg to take her fur lined coat when she heads down to Newfoundland.

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