April – July 1943

It was during this time that Doreen would need the support of Mrs Mullens more than she would ever know. After working for a few months Doreen noticed that she has been putting on weight and that sometimes she would feel sick. Before long it became evident what the problem, or more like, the unexpected gift was.
She and Bill could not contain their happiness, and all the things that their family and friends had been joking about was about to come true.
Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Alone in her one room Doreen lost everything they had been planning. Doreen leaned on Mrs Mullens who helped her through this terrible time. She was kind, thoughtful and was always there if she needed shoulder to cry on.
Bill continued to work in the administration offices in Halifax and Doreen went back into work at Eaton’s. Back home, Doreen’s parents were in the process of moving and little baby Beverley celebrated her first birthday. Life continued to move along but it became evident that the war was not going to be over any time soon. Doreen and Bill decided that having Doreen continue to stay in one room was not fair for her, so it was agreed to that she would return to Toronto.
Before she would return Bill was granted another 5 day leave and they planned a trip to explore Nova Scotia. They set off of day glorious days along the coast and stayed at some real “swell” places.
Doreen boarded the train and headed back to Toronto with Bill this time where he spent a few days in Toronto. He then traded another train back to Halifax and Doreen once again returned to live with her parents and wait for Bill to return in 5 months.

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