December 15th, 1942

Hello Darling:

Well I’ve finished reading your letter and I forgive you for not writing sooner but I guess you have been pretty busy. I hope you forgive me to because I did write a letter on Sunday but since I wasn’t going out of the station and I wanted it to go right away so I gave it to one of the fellows to post but he forgot to mail it so I lost a day. But I’m going to make up for it in this letter as I hope it will be a new long one.
Well first I went over to see Mrs. Mullens, the landlady, yesterday afternoon and I’ve got all the final details. First it is going to cost us only $7 a week for both of us. That isn’t bad at all dear seeing as how she said that you can use her stove, in fact she said she would give you your breakfast too. But of course dear we will be inconvenienced for a while until we get all organized. Oh yes, she said that she would give us sheets and pillow cases too and wash them but I told her that you would be bringing some down, but she will wash them every week for us so that is another worried settled.
I’m glad that you have your tickets and you did not say anything about your berth. In case you forget don’t forget to make a reservation for it and I guess you will have to pay in advance and another thing when you get off the train at Montreal ask the conductor where the sleeper for Halifax is and you can grab your seat early and if you have much time to spare you could stretch your legs and go for a little walk but don’t go very far darling because it might not be so safe for a girl all by herself.
I have a better idea about that big trunk dear, you could send it down as soon as you know what you are going to send because it might not arrive here until later particularly with the Christmas rush. I don’t know for sure but I thick that you can send it on your ticket if not it would be well worth it to pay $5.00 or so to get it sent right to the door well anyway you can phone the C.N.R Express and find out the best way to send it. If you send it right here to the address, Mr. W.A Lewis C/O Mrs Mullens 92 Dublin St, Halifax N.S. I told her that is what you might do so she is expecting it.
I’m feeling pretty blue about Aunt Mattie but you know that old saying “God moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform”. So I guess that is the best way to look at it. Just between you and me I’d rather dubious about getting leave to go home if anything happens because in cases like that you can only get leave when the deceased person is a blood relative like Mother or Father, brother and sister. But I’m hoping for the best. So I guess that is all I can do for now.
I hope you have done OK with our Christmas presents dear. I bought Mom and Dad a little something and don’t forget to buy your Mother and Father something real nice too. By the way dear you should get your cheque around the 21st, so if you really don’t need the money dear you can bring it down here because it would be safer than carrying around some loose cash with you and incidentally I guess we will have to buy some dishes and cutlery and a few little things but we won’t really have to buy very much. But it is a good thing to have some loose cash kicking around.
Is the radio ever working swell. I can usually get about 15 stations on after 9 o’clock and there really is some grand bands on the air down here but we aren’t getting any from Boston lately because they’ve closed all the night clubs down until they investigate that big fire.
Well dear 2 weeks tonight I’ll be the happiest guy in the world so you know why? Because I’ll be with the sweetest girl I’ve ever known and honey that isn’t any one but you. But I’m going to save everything that is in my heart until I see you and then will I ever make up for lost time and that is in more ways than one.
I think I told you about the fellow in our barracks who is bringing his wife down from Vancouver on the 23rd. She is leaving on the 18th, I’m glad that you don’t have to come so far because that is really so far to come alone but someday dear you and I will make that trip right across Canada, so don’t forget that I promised you that.
I’m glad that Pop is so fond of Beverley because he will be used to one, especially when we have our. What do you say darling nothing would make me so happy as having a daughter exactly like her very sweet and darling Mother. Now, I really do not have any further comments on the Simpson clan, I just hope Marg knows what she is getting into with them, as they really have shown their true colours up to this point haven’t they?
So for now dear, love from your husband who is saving all his……………………for the 29th.



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