December 15th, 1942

Hi Darling:

I received your grand letters yesterday and today and darling they were really nice.
I won’t have very much news for you seeing as how I wrote you on Sunday, but I will give you all the gossip I can. Pardon me while I change nibs. I have just come in from dress hunting but I didn’t have any luck because I want to get something nice that you would like and gosh is it ever cold and it sure is snowing. I’ll bet we will have a few inches of snow by tomorrow morning. This is Aunt Jessie’s night off from work so her and Mother came with me but I will go out on Saturday night instead of going to the show because that is the only night I will have a chance to. Tomorrow night and Friday night I will have to work, boy what fun, but we will have fun tomorrow night because the boos isn’t going to work so you can bet there won’t be much work done.
Thursday night I am going to a party with Mom and Dad, Aunt Jessie and Marg and I really do not want to go but wants me to go, and you know how she can be when she sets her mind on something.
Darling just think 2 weeks time we will be together again and that darling is what I have prayed for since you went down to Halifax and my prayers are being answered.
What is this surprise you have for me? Gosh I can hardly wait to hear it, boy it must be good but I won’t coax you because I know you won’t tell me until I see you, but boy I sure am getting impatient and also impatient for other things and darling I hope you are ready to help me out.
Marg had a wire from Ted last night telling her not to write him anymore as he would be leaving on the 21st, so you can bet that Marg is pretty excited, in fact she is almost excited as I am about coming down to you but I don’t think anybody could be as excited as I am right now.
Darling that would be grand if that other friends wife and I got to be friends because we could have a lot of fun on the day time while our husbands are working but darling don’t expect too much of my cooking because you know how bad I am and I would like to be real good before I started inviting people for dinner but who knows perhaps I will learn fast.
We were down at Doris’ last night and had our final fitting on our dresses and they are lovely. I was just wondering Bill if I should bring it down with me so I could show you. Do you think there might be a chance of me wearing it New Years Eve? Be sure to let me know because I would love you to see it but I will wait until I hear from you.
Doris also broke the news that she and Bob are planning on being married on the 13th of February if all goes well. Isn’t that grand but I have been telling her to hurry up and get married because she certainly is missing a lot and all our friends are telling my Mother that Doreen is sure looking good and darling I sure am feeling good. How about you are you in good shape? I hope so.
I was talking to your Mother tonight and she was all tickled because she had a letter from you yesterday. She was going to see Aunt Mattie tonight as she goes up every night.
She was saying that your Dad had gone to a Union meeting or something tonight as there is some rumour that they might be putting the jewellers in war work, but it might just be a rumour. She also had a Christmas card from Bob Duff today. Did I tell you that Lloyd met his brother overseas? I’ll bet they are having a swell time. No dear I don’t think Stan has been in an accident because I think you Mother would have heard from someone on the street.
I got your Uncle Jack a nice pair of socks, and Aunt Agnes and your Mother underwear and I also got your Mom stalkings but I thought it would be nice if I had some flowers delivered to Aunt Mattie on Christmas Day from us. This friend of Marg’s down at work had a friend who has a flower shop and she will get me a nice bunch of flowers. She was the one that got my flowers for our wedding, but you let me know if that is OK, or if we should get her something else but I don’t know what else to get her.
You should see Pop here, he is folding the baby’s diapers and is he ever getting good and guess when you turns comes you will have to take lessons from him. He puts her to bed every night and does she ever know him. Boy he certainly loves her. They got her a new bed yesterday because she was getting too big for her other bed and she fell out of it on Sunday and we all got a scare but she didn’t hurt herself.
Darling I think I explained to you about the cabin trunk, but I thought it would be a better idea to check it on the same train as the one I am on because if I send it down ahead of me there might be some delay in getting there and another thing I will get it checked in the baggage car for free.
Well dear I really must finish now as I am very tired but I will try and write you Thursday. I am so excited to come down and see you, and have you hold me in your arms and let the world drift away.
So dearest all my love until I see you in 2 weeks time,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – gosh I can hardly wait until I receive some of these.

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