December 13th, 1942

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday at 10 o’clock dear and I’ve just had my dinner and what a dinner, steak and onions and cabbage and potatoes and for dessert ice cream and cake and I’m getting so greedy I had 2 servings of everything.
Well dear you should have received your train ticket by now. I’m expecting a letter from you this afternoon dead and I guess you would have mentioned it in your letter dear and just think it will be only 2 more weeks and we will be together again. So you realize dear that it will have been 4 months since I’ve seen you and it seems a very long time ago.
How are you coming with the shopping? It will certainly be a big job for you to get all your gifts wrapped and then get ready to come down here. So you had better get a lot of rest and sleep because I would not want anything to happen to you dear.
Well dear it is 5 hours later since I began writing this letter. I don’t know if you knew Jack Kennedy or not, he used to live at the corner of Wolverleigh and Linsmore, well anyway he dropped in to see a friend of his in our barrack and I happened to see him. He had heard that Stan had been in an accident overseas but I told him that I didn’t think that was right because I would have heard from you if anything had happened.
I did not receive a letter today darling but I guess the mail has been held up because I have not had one since Thursday. I wrote a letter to my Mother on Thursday and I tried to cheer her up but I imagine that she feels pretty badly. I just wish that I would do something but I’m afraid that there isn’t much I can do but hope.
The weather down here has really been pretty good, you could have gotten away without a great coat on today and I just hope that it lasts for when you come down here dear.
Let me see now, oh yes have you got enough luggage because if you have not you can use my Zipper bag that is really a great bag and you can lock it. I was thinking dear that you don’t have to bring those blankets and pillow slips and towels with you. Send everything that you think we will need down in the trunk and have it sent to Mrs Mullens at 92 Dublin St Halifax. I am going over to see her tomorrow and get the final lowdown of everything and I’ll let you know what the score is as soon as I can.
We have a new fellow in our section and he is from Vancouver and she is also married well anyway he went out on Saturday and also got a room and he is bringing his wife all the way from Vancouver. It is going to cost him about $130, some trip eh? He hopes that you and his wife can get to be good friends because she doesn’t know a person here either. I think we could have a lot of fun if we could make friend with another couple dear and as soon as you learn to cook we could have them over and we could visit them. In fact dear we already have an invitation.
I wrote my Mother and asked her to try and borrow Aunt Mattie hot stove because that is all Captain Davis’ wife cooked with and boy did she ever put up a good meal. Pardon me dear, but there is a fight going on here and I have to move where I am writing. I am clear now and I can start again. A couple of the boys are having a little fun here and as I want to get this letter finished I don’t want to have any interference.
As I was saying before I was interrupted have you got a trunk or box yet to send your stuff down in yet because it won’t cost you much more than $5.00 to send it down and it will save you bringing a lot of stuff down and then all you will need to carry is your own personal things like nighties (oh boy) and those very cute panties but it is bad to think like that dear so I will not go on.
I am just telling you again dear buy yourself some nice clothes to bring down here because I want you to be the best dressed little girl at our dances dear and that won’t be hard for you dear. You are so darn cute and sweet and more than that I love you more than anything else in this whole world dear and you know that I always will no matter what happens.
By the way I hope you bought Mom and Pop Booth something real nice from me dear and especially my little sister-in-law. I just hope that I have my own daughter next Christmas to buy all sorts of things for and wouldn’t that be just wonderful dear, and once this war is over we will be so happy to have our own little family.
Well I guess Marg is getting rather nervous now, it won’t be long now. I just hope that they get along as well as we do dear and I know it won’t be Marg’s fault if they don’t, but I will not say anymore on the subject.
Well dear I had better get this letter away before the mail goes and so dear until we meet, I’ll just say loving you so very, very much and can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks in which we will have our second honeymoon in less than a year.
Love from the very bottom of my heart,



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