April 10th, 1945

Well here it is Tuesday afternoon and we have just finished some range work so I thought I would drop you a few lines and let you know how everything is. I am fine and putting on weight, I do not seem to be able to eat enough, the meals are really wonderful.
It is really a beautiful day today, it was just like a June day today.
I still have not received any letters from you or my family and I am desperate to know if everything is fine, and I am hoping and praying that I will get some correspondence from you soon.
I have been going to a lot of shows lately and a dance or so but I told you what I thought of them in my last letter and nothing has changed there.
This course that I am on and that we are all taking is really good but we are pretty tired when we are through.
I guess you can send me a parcel anytime you want dear. I would like a razor blade sharpener if you can get one and some blades. I think I told you a lot of those blades that I brought with me did not fit my razor. I can get chocolate bars over here dear, but a 1/2 pound of tea or canned meat or spaghetti etc. would be appreciated.
I am wondering if you are thinking of getting a job, but it is certainly up to you though and if you do not like it you do not have to stay on. I am also wondering if you have decided to go away for some vacation like we were talking about when I was home. I just wish that I was with you if you do decide to go away, but next summer we will really make up for lost time won’t we?
I will be looking forward to receiving those pictures of Donna and do not forget to have a large photograph taken. Have you had any luck getting films yet? I do not really need them but you could forward me one or 2 in your parcel. Boy don’t I want a lot but you told me to tell you what I needed.
Has Ted gone on leave yet? I imagine so. I would liked to have been able to go myself but I will not be getting mine for a month or so yet. But I would rather have to all another station than here because so far this has all been a bad place anyways.
Well dear I will have to close now but take good care of yourself and Donna and pray that we will be together again in the not too distant future because I really miss you very much dear. I will write you another letter on Friday or so and by then I should have a letter from you to answer and so for now dear,
All my love,



April 5th, 1945 – Bournemouth, England

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Friday and it is a very nice day. We are taking the same course that Percy did and I really feel fine. The meals are really goo and I have certainly got an appetite. I have taken in quite a few shows and they get them over here as soon if not sooner than back home.
I certainly miss you all very much and particularly that little girl of ours. How is she doing, well I hope. She will be a year old tomorrow. How well I remember a year ago and I still, I certainly was a proud father and I still am. In fact ore so seeing what a lovely girl she is growing up to be. I have not received any mail from you dear but I expect some any day more. I hope you are receiving my letters alright.
I do not think I have drank as much tea in all my life as what I have had lately nor have I ever eaten so many buns!
If you are thinking of sending any parcels dear, sugar and such are very heavily rationed over here and a 1/2 pound of tea is very acceptable in regards to pricing. But you send what you think I di not know what to say in this letter really until I receive your first letter. I wrote my mother and Aunt so I hope they receive them OK.
The girls are certainly having an awful time with clothing over here from what I have seen. The girls back home would not wear what they do here and their legs are all sore and red from not wearing stockings. It is to bad but I think it will be all over in a moth or so and I think I would stand it for a year over here but I would like very much to be home with you very much darling. I went to a dance last night and had a pretty grim time. I managed to stagger out three numbers, gave it up as a bad time and spent the rest of the evening having tea and toast.
The bands was not too bad, but the girls seem to have an awful time learning to dance with our boys and our girls back home have really got it over them as far as looks.
We get 2 chocolate bars a week but I have still got about 12 from the boat as I am alright as far as that is concerned. I went swimming at the baths the night before last and had a really good time They are very nice and clean and it only cost me 9 pence.
Well darling I will have to close now but write often and soon and let m eknow all te news and so for now, from the bottom of my heart all my love,



March 3rd, 1945

Hello Darling

Well here I am again dear and I thought I would drop you a few lines. Well the old air force let me down again. I told you about being all ready to go on my leave to Scotland on my 9 days, well they cut my leave to 4 days commencing on Saturday so I figured that it would not be worth it to go to Aberdeen for just 2 days as it is a 17hr trip each way. I do not know exactly why they did cut my leave in half but I am hoping for the best.
Well anyway I had my train ticket and everything and was debating whether to go or not. They said that I would not be paid until I came back on Wednesday and since I only had $5 left, well that cinched it. I grabbed the train for Birmingham and was here in 3 hours so I am with my Aunt until Tuesday. So dear I hope you understand the situation.
It is very cold here, the last day or so and I have been staying close to the fire lately. My Aunt and I have just come in from the show, last night she took me to a church social. They had a dance but it was really grim, so I am going to spend a very quiet three days.
Well darling by the time you receive this, I might be stationed somewhere finally so please told tight until I let you know where I land. Once I get myself settled I will make sure to write you and let you know everything is fine and where you can send your letters to me.
Gee dear you have certainly got me proud of you and our little girl and definitely anxious to the day that I will see both of you again. I am just thinking that I will be missing our little girls first birthday and that makes me very sad. To think that this damn war is making us miss so many of the firsts, it could just break my heart. And then I think about all those fellows who did not even get a chance to start their lives and who have lost everything and then I think to myself just how lucky we are to have all this happiness in our lives.
It has been lovely to spend some time with my Aunt and she has been a lovely host, but I am looking forward to getting back to London to see more of the sights and to take in some of the local culture. How is everyone fairing back home? Are they getting used to the fact that I am no longer 2 hours away, but in fact overseas? I sure do miss everyone, but you especially.
Well so long darling, look after yourself and as always,
With all my love,



March 2, 1945 – London England

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Easter Sunday dear and it really is a lovely day here. We are just having a big holiday waiting to be posted. I am at a Serviceman Center which was a hotel before the war. I have just finished having my afternoon cup of tea, it is getting to be quite habit.
Darling, the trip over was fine and I was thinking about you the entire time. I was not nervous and tried to sleep but only got a few winks here and there. I am fine dear and there is no need to worry, I will be fine.
Well dear I certainly miss you already and our darling daughter. I can remember this time last year I was certainly a nervous father to be. I just wish I was home to celebrate with you and her, but we will have to put up with this parting for a while yet.
I wrote my Mom and Aunt. I hope everybody is well, and that includes your mother and father and Beverley. I have had one half pint of this English Beer and that is all I want. Everybody is very nice to us here, there is all sorts of servicemen walking around London.
I went to a show last night and after went to a dance, they play all slow ones all night but the girls are not very hot dancers, but I imagine the Scotch girls might be a little better.
Oh by the way dear will you try and get me some proper razor blades? I find the Canadian ones better than the ones over here. If you could send about 10 packages over when I get an address for that would be swell.
I guess Ted is going on leave pretty soon. I hope he has a good time. I am really looking forward to mine and going to Aberdeen, all the boys say that is the place to have a good time.
I have not received any instructions on where I am going to be posted or what I am going to be doing but I am assuming that I will be working in the administration offices again in some capacity.
I have almost been hit a couple of times by cars. I can’t get used to them travelling on the opposite side to us but I think I now the score now.
Well I see that I am getting near the end of the page and so take good care of yourself dear and look after “toots” for the both of us and dear I love you very much, but we will just have to carry on and so for now,
All my love,



March 1945

Dear Readers

I am writing to let you know that Bill and Doreen’s worst fears came true and he was not discharged as they planned.
After Bill’s weekend leave he was informed that he was to be sent overseas, to London first and await his posting details. Bill received his embarkation leave for 2 weeks and then he left for London.

The letters pick up in March of 1945 where all of Bills’ airmail (which was written on blue tissue paper) are sent back to Doreen as she is still in Toronto.

There are very few letters from Doreen as she did not have a proper address to send Bill letters overseas, but once he finally is stationed at his posting there are a few letters and pictures from Doreen.

We will pick up the story there, and once again thank you for reading and supporting this incredible love story.


The Grandson.

February 14th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Wednesday and I have just finished writing out my pass for the weekend and so I will be home for Saturday and Sunday dear.
I received your Valentines Day cards and thank you very much. I got rather hot under the collar when I read your card and dear I cannot wait to get home to you. I was also thinking dear that I better write Mrs. Dean a letter to thank her for such a lovely gift for Donna and seeing as I have not written her I was thinking that I would get right down to it as soon as I finish this letter.
Personally I like Mrs. Henderson cottage best but Mrs. Deans was a little nicer. I am just sorry about the way my Pop feels about it, oh well that’s life. I guess Pop will be saving his money rather than looking for a cottage.
Well darling things are pretty well the same around here. I took in a show last night. Tonight there is a skating party but I do not think I will be going.
It was certainly nice to read that you have got a letter from your dear friend Dot. She sure is one to watch out for and I hope all the boys in the office hold tight to their wallets. HA HA.
We are knocking off this afternoon as soon as I finish these letters and we are going to play basketball at the gym.
So my Aunt is going to live with Mom for a while? Well I had ideas of us moving in later on if I get my discharge so I guess her staying there in the meantime is a good move as any. Has my Mom decided yet what she is going to do because that would be just the thing if we had the downstairs to ourselves. It would be just the thing until we decided what we are going to do and as it is furnished it would save us buying furniture during the war. So in a way the $750 Mom and Dad would spend for a cottage would go a long way to making a real nice modern kitchen and bedroom in their basement for us. The more I think of it the better I like the idea but we will talk it over when I come home.
I know it would be a full house for all of us there, living under one roof but I think it would be a wonderful thing for all the family to be around one another seeing we have been so apart.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now dear, but I will see you on Friday and so for now,
All my love,



February 5th, 1945

Hello my dearest;

Well here I am your very cold and tired wife giving you a few lines of gossip on what is happening down here in Toronto. The weather has been horrible, with the cold and the snow, I can barely feel my fingers holding the pen while I write you this letter dear.
I am happy to hear, or not hear, that you are still safe and sound down there in Kingston and there has not been anymore news about you going overseas. Lets just keep it that way dear as I do not know what I would do if you were to go overseas and leave us here. It would be something that I would just have to get used to but again, the very thought of you going makes me very scared and worried.
Our little daughter is doing very well dear and I cannot believe in just a matter of months she will be 1 years old. I certainly hope that you will still be on Canadian soil when that special date arrives.
Everyone around here is fine, your Mom and Pop and Aunt came over for a visit and you were correct dear, she will be moving in with your Mom in the upcoming months. They will just have to sell her house and as the demand for homes in Toronto is rather high I think she will be in good standing with the sale of her home.
I had a letter from Dot this week and she is now settled in in Vancouver with her new job in the management office of Eaton’s. She certainly is going to make a name for herself in the management ranks of the company. I just hope she stays on the straight and arrow and does not get too distracted with the gentleman at work. It was so lovely to hear from her, but it makes me sad that she is so far away from me now.
I had a nice chat on the phone with Marg last week and since then I have not heard from her or seen her. She was telling me that Ted and her talked over the holidays and it seems that he told her that they would be staying put at the Simpson house for the foreseeable future. Darling, I could hear it in her voice that she so wanted to find a place of their own and move out of that house, and now to be told that she has to stay until who knows when? I feel for poor old Marg.
Well dear, I think that is about all these cold fingers and hands can write so for now, I will end it here with I love you from the bottom of my heart and I cannot wait to see you home soon.
Your very loving if not cold wife,



January 30th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon and about time that I dropped my little wife a few lines and let you know what I am OK and what has been going around here.
I was very sorry to hear about my uncle, but as we expecting it, it was not as much of a shock. I am sorry that I could not make it to the funeral but they are not very happy affairs anyhow. I was not able to get the time off as it was not an immediate parent that passed away. I guess my Aunt will move in with Mom and Pop now. I am very glad about that part of this anyways. She will at least have someone around that she can grieve with.
Well dear I went to the hospital yesterday and they gave me some white powder to take and I really feel like my old self once again. I wonder what they gave me, but it took this darn flu away so I am not going to question the likes of the doctor.
Well things are about the same here. I was in bed by 10PM last night and tonight I will be working so I will not be doing very much.
I do not know whether I will be getting my 48 hour leave for Saturday and Sunday or Sunday or Monday so do not count on me arriving Friday afternoon, but I will be getting hoe for sure either Friday or Saturday or maybe even Sunday.
Dear, if you are downtown this week go in and get me a $2.00 bottle of that stull will you please?
You know Bert McKee, well he has been posted back to Moncton and from there he is liable to be posted anywhere on the east coast. The certainly do not last long on this station do they? I am still hoping and praying that I do not have to go overseas like the rest of my fellow Airmen from Lachine but we are still playing the waiting game.
Well dear I had a lovely time on my leave during the holidays but as usual all good things have to come to an end. The party for was lovely and it was nice to see all the family and friends. It was a shame that Marg was not able to come over with Ted but I guess that they wanted to have their very own Christmas without anybody else. We certainly have a lovely little girl dear and you know how proud I am of her. She is just like her mother, but not quite as cute. If I am hoe Monday and it is mild I think it would be a good idea to take “Toots” to the doctor for her whooping cough shot.
Well dear that is about all for now but I will be seeing you on the weekend and so until then,
All my love,