March 13th, 1946

Hello dearest;

Well darling here it is Wednesday morning at 9 AM a little early for letter writing perhaps but I am sitting here doing nothing so I thought it would be a good time. I have received your letters OK. I got 4 letter together on Monday, 2 from you and 2 from Mom and Pop. I really do not know what held them up, quite likely that they did not know where I am seeing as I am moving around quite a bit.
Well, I am still getting every afternoon off, boy I must be the highest paid guy for doing nothing in England, it is a disgrace really, the poor taxpayers.
There is certainly a lot happening next month isn’t there? Donna’s birthday party, your cousin getting married and maybe I will be coming home. Raymond did not take very long to decide to get married did he? I think I met the girl once, she seemed to be a pretty nice kid, and I guess he is no younger than we were when we got married and I have never been sorry about that a day in my entire life dear.
Now let me see what I have been doing. Monday and Tuesday nights I went tot he show by myself and was in bed by 11 each night. Boy, it is certainly boring trying to pass the time at nights for what I hope is my last 2 or 3 weeks! There are about 30 guys int he office that I am in and I have the second lowest number here which means I will be the 2nd guy to go home, so it looks pretty good. Although it could be tomorrow of a month from tomorrow.
I have just received another letter of yours darling, the one you wrote in the office. I am glad to hear that everything is fine and I know how you feel because I feel the same way darling. But as I said before it will not be very long now until we are together again.
Well I see from Dads letter that school starts in October. I would like to go back but I realize that it will not be easy, and that we will both have to give up a certain amount of good times dear. But it will certainly pay us in the long run. I think I will go back to S&V until school starts or until I decide what I want to do.
Well I am going in London for a week-end. I have a room booked at the Canadian Legion this time. It will be a nice change to get away from where I have been living and it only costs 50 cents for a bed and breakfast and it is quite nice. Gosh I would have liked to been home for Raymond’s wedding. I guess there would be lots of liquor refreshments. But we will have a big “do” when I get back. So catch up on your sleep dear because I think that I will have some good news for us soon.
Well to the loveliest sweetest little girl I know, all my love darling,



One thought on “March 13th, 1946

  1. I have been following since the beginning & thoroughly enjoyed them all. I hope you will let us know what Bill lands up doing as a career & if they build their dream home. Thanks for sharing these letters. Brenda



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