February 27th, 1946

Hello darling;

Well dear here it is Thursday afternoon and as usual I am doing nothing and thought I would write you and let you know the latest and I have certainly done a lot since last writing you.
Well I am working, or should I say hanging around another place now. I am out in the R.C.A.F Tobacco depot now and what a joke it is. I do about 10 minutes or work a day and we have every afternoon from 12:30 off. I figured out that the government pays me about $53 a week for that 10 minutes every morning. I reported out here on Tuesday morning and applied for a leave as soon as I arrived. They said you are not wasting any time so I more or less told them I am not the least bit interested in the R.C.A.F and just want to get home.
At any rate it seemed to work and I start my leave on Friday the 1st of March. I was only told that this morning so I have not had time to tell your Aunt and Uncle that I will be coming and since I will be leaving on Saturday I thought I would phone my Aunt in Birmingham and tell her to expect me first for a couple of days and then I would be off to see your Aunt and Uncle.
Well I am living at a place that is about a 10 minute walk from work so that is really handy. They are certainly swell to me and they give me the run of the house, there is the lady and her husband who own the place, a girl about 9 or 10 and a little boy who is 3. She is quite a good cook and I really think I will do alright until I come home which cannot be soon enough for me. I figured that this would be my last leave anyway.
Last night I went to the local show as there is really not much to do around here, but I am going to take things easy from now on until I get home and I spend most of my evenings here in front of the fire. They want me to learn bridge so I can play at nights with them and since you and I will no doubt be entertaining ourselves when we get settled I figured I should learn how to play.
I received 4 of your letters, one from my mother and 1 from Percy all at once so had a great time reading them all. Percy certainly thinks Donna is quite cute little thing and thinks that she takes after you which tickled me pink darling.
Well how is the weather back there as it is rather cold here but nice and bright today. We had a little snow 2 days ago but it has already melted. I went into town yesterday morning to pick up my bag and saw quite a bit of London. By the time you receive this I will be in ” Bonnie Aberdeen” Tell Pop Booth that I plan on sampling some real old Scotch whiskey in the near future.
I am going into town this afternoon to get my suit pressed and to pick up my laundry. By the way dear, I was thinking that we could go to Montreal some weekend when I am back and on my leave, you have never been there and I think it would be a wonderful trip for us.
So keep the old chin up dear as I hope to be home soon and from your very best husband as always,
All my love,



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