February 22nd, 1946

Hello dearest;

Well here I am again, Friday night at 11 PM and I have jus come in from a walk, there was Marv, Kenny and myself, they are the other 2 fellows that I came to London with. We went downtown to see what it was like at night. I was rather disappointed as it was almost as quite as Toronto (the good). We went down Piccadilly which was supposed to be pretty wild but it was like Danforth Ave.
What has surprised me about London is the number of taxis, there are literally thousands running around and most of them are about 10 years old, ou take you life in your hands every time you cross the street. We see free pictures at the Canadian Legion every night. Wednesday night I saw Wonder Man and last night I stayed in at the club. Tomorrow night we will take in a free stage show, they say they are pretty good and there are as many stage shows as there are theatres in London. Sunday morning we are taking a conducted tour around London and in the afternoon we are going to a museum. There is lots to do and see and I am going to make the most of my short (I hope) stay here.
Did you know that I have not had any mail for 14 days. I know that it is not your fault, as they have just lost track of me and where I am. But I am going to smartem them up on Monday and also try and get some leave. Oh by the way I have an address of a firm in Scotland that makes kilts, they cost 5 pounds each or about $23 and also you can order them by mail, all you have to do is give them the measurements so let me know what you think dear.
Gosh I hear more rumours around headquarters then I ever heard in Bournemouth. I do not listen to any of them and I am not saying anything to you about when I should be coming home as I frankly do not know. If you were only here with me dearest we would hvae a wonderful time.
I am still living int he Salvation Army hostel, but I expect to get a place to live on Monday or Tuesday. The weather here is quite mild but it is not bright at here at all. I have not seen any more than a couple of hours of sunshine since I have been here. It has been a year since I started my embarkation leave and I cannot believe where the time has gone. I hold on to the idea that we will all be together soon and that lovely idea is what keeps me going through these cloudy days.
Well dear, I will leave it here, so as always I love you from the bottom of my heart and please give Donna a kiss from her old Daddy.
Love as always,



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