February 19th, 1946

Hello darling;

I am sorry dear that I have not written sooner but I have been trying to get hold of some of those air mail forms and I just managed to get one at this club. Darling the transfer out of Bournemouth was so fast and disorganized that I really only had the chance to telegram you letting you know I was on the move. So here I am now reporting from London.
Well I have been in London for 4 days now and I am now a little more used to it. I am working in the War Crimes Commission Section and as there is lots of work to do the time seems to go faster. The R.C.A.F headquarters here is a large department store we have taken over. It was called Harrods before. It is quite a nice building.
I am still staying at the Salvation Army Hotel as we have not been able to get another place to live as yet although I think we will be getting another place on Monday. It takes us about 15 minutes on the underground to get to work, it is certainly a very efficient system.
Well let me see what I have been doing. Saturday we went to the show and Sunday we went tot he zoo in the afternoon and I really enjoyed it. They have every animal in the world at this place, and it is in regents Place. Sunday night I stayed at the Canadian Legion Club and saw a swell picture, that is where I am writing from now. They are showing Danny Kaye’s “Wonder Man” tonight so we are staying for that. Tomorrow night the Brauer Club is closing and we are going to go as they are having a real big “do” and I imagine that they will make a news real of it, so keep your eye open at the show and you might even see me in the background.
I do not like London as much as |I thought I would but if you were here dearest I would just think it is grand. By the way I happened to see Tom Bradheers’ file and he has a little girl, she was born 5 months after he was married……ahem….
Well dear as yet no further news on when I will be on that old boat back home. They are up to number 82 now and my number is 88 but that does not mean anything if they need you.
I hear so many rumours every day that I really do not believe anyone anymore just what I read officially. They guy that I chum around with is from Toronto, he is married and his wife lives there. He was married only 3 months before he came overseas. He is like me and we get along quite well. I think he thinks about his wife back home as much as I think about you darling.
Well this is you London reporter saying so long to his very well wife and as always,
With all my love,



2 thoughts on “February 19th, 1946

  1. Oh, how exciting. A little more information as to what Bill was doing in Europe after the war. “working in the War Crimes Commission Section” I had often wondered why he was not able to come home for so long. What a fascinating life he lived and I am so honoured to be able to learn about it. Thanks, Jay


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