February 6th, 1946

Hi dearest;

Well here it is Wednesday night and I have just come in from the show and thought I would write my mid week letter even though I have not got very much news to say.
The bubble had burst over here anyway as far as repatriation for the R.C.A.F is concerned. I guess you have read in the papers about 1500 airmen striking at one of our stations. They have been feeding the public a lot of guff in the papers about all the Occupation force for the R.C.A.F being volunteers. They claim they needed so many and if you were unlucky to be required you were one. They say we all should be home by summer I am certainly sympathetic with the boys who have been over here a long time and are striking. I only hope that Ottawa will change their policy and get us home sooner or they will have a lot more trouble I would imagine. I will send you a copy of our paper with all the news in it and also a copy of the course I might take if I ever get home in time.
In your last letter dear you asked about a parcel, yes you can send one with soap, razor blades, Mennen shaving cream lotion, Ingrams shaving cream (2) and you could send a small bottle of whiskey as well dear, if you do not mind, thanks darling.
They told me that I will be able to take my leave on the 14th of the month. I do not know where I am going yet but I think it will be up north somewhere. As soon as I get there I will make sure that I send you a post card so you know where I am at.
Well I have been to 2 shows this week anyway, they were both pretty fair shows. So our little girl is saying “Hi Dad”, gosh I am looking forward to seeing her again but no more than I am looking forward to seeing you dear. I am still thinking that we can go to Buffalo for a week end and than perhaps go to Philadelphia for a day or 2 to stay with my relatives as they want us to but then I am not very fussy about staying with anybody for a while after I get home, if you know what I mean.
Well one of my pals has just come in from a dance and he says that it was one of the grimiest “dos” he has ever been to. I never have any fun at any dances over here, but I will have to go to one in Scotland when I am there see if it is true about what you tell me about the swell dances there.
I guess that is about all for now dearest and as always all my love to you and Donna.

Love Bill


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