February 3rd, 1946

Hi Dearest;

Well here it is Sunday night and I have just come back from seeing “Double Indemnity” and another picture and it was very good. I went by myself as all the boys wanted to see “Congo Women” but I had already seen it. I am sitting in my room now listening to the radio, it is the Lux program and they are playing with Jimmy Stewart. Gosh but I feel lonely tonight dear, I certainly miss you more every day.
Well let me see what I have been doing. Last night I went to a dance with 3 of the boys but the band was really corny and altogether it was a pretty grim show. So we left early and went down to the mess for a late supper. We had eggs, green peas and sausages. I have really got an enormous appetite right now but do not think that I have put on much weight and darling, when you are cooking for |Donna and I I am going to eat more than ever and with you sitting across from me I am going to be the most contented man in the world.
Well they are using Bournemouth to house the G.I. brides. I saw 8 bus loads leave for Southampton on Saturday to go on board the Queen Mary and I thought just how many really do love their husbands to go over seas and leave everything they know and love behind. I think of you and how lucky I am to be loved as much as I am.
The more I think about that trip to Buffalo the better I like it. We will go by train and might even stay another day or so if we like it, and with you by my side I know that I will want to stay more than a weekend darling.
Oh by the way, you wanted me to get Donna a tartan shirt didn’t you? So let me know what tartan you wanted and her measurements and I will see what I can do when I go on leave to Aberdeen.
I have you Valentines in front of me dear and they are just swell. The best Valentine you could give me is to have you all here with me, but I guess that will not be for a little while longer.
Gosh it will be almost a year since I received my embarkation leave, it was the 21st of |February that I came home. I just dreaded telling you and it was certainly hard to leave you darling. I love you more than anything else in the whole wide world.
I was wondering when Raymond Kinkaid was coming home. I guess Uncle Louie will have a big party for him. Have you heard anymore about whether he is going to marry that girl he is engaged to? How is Ted making out about getting in the Fire department? I guess he does not like going way out to the west end to got to work, well he will just have to stick it out.
Well so long again for now dear, and as always,
All my love,



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