January 27th, 1946

Hello Dearest;

Well here it is Sunday night and I am on night duty so I thought it would be a good time to write you and let you know the latest. I have just said goodbye to 3 more of the boys from the office, they are leaving on the Aquitannia tomorrow morning. Gosh I am so fed up seeing all the other guys go home and still no news about me.
I received your last letter yesterday and I was glad to hear all of you back home are well. I think it would be a swell idea for the three of us to go to Buffalo, but by the looks of things do not expect to be going to at least June or July by the time I get home. But then 3 or 4 months more will go by fast and we will have nice summer weather for our 2 months together.
I am looking forward to being with you so much dear, and what a time we are going to have, we are going to have the biggest splurge of our lives.
Well let me see what I have been doing. I have got a room to myself now and it is really swell. I am afraid I will not be here very long to enjoy it very much. I saw 4 pictures last week isn’t that awful. But it is a cheaper way of spending time than sitting in a pub. After all, the beer here is not at all as strong as our Canadian beer, so I would rather just be at the show.
Friday night I stayed in and played cards and listened to records and then slipped down to the mess for some later supper. I would rather spend an evening doing that then anything else. I am rather looking forward to getting on a station again as you can do so much more than you can in a town like this. You can’t get anything to read here at all. So do not forget to send me some newspapers to read and let me know if you have found that slip for the books dear.
So our little girl got quite a kick out of you loosing your hat during that windstorm. We are certainly going to have some good times together aren’t we darling. If she is as easy to get along with and as half as pretty as you are we will do just fine.
Well so long for now dearest, and as always,
All my love



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