January 12th, 1946

Hi Darling;

Well I received your last 2 letters yesterday and darling you do not miss me one bit more than I miss you. It is so very hard being separated from one another when we love each other so much dearest.
I guess Percy will be home by now that lucky guy. The trouble is that they do not tell us a thing as to when we will be going home, the only thing you can count on is what you read in the papers and then you cannot really even rely on that.
The Minister for Air was here on |Tuesday and told us definitely that the Army of Occupation would be out of here by the end of June and then I read in the paper that they were debating about getting us out by the end of March, so as I said before I do not know what to believe. I made my big mistake when I cam into the Air Force as a clerk, if I had been any other trade I would be out by now. But darling, I do not mind waiting another couple of months, as long as I know that you and Donna are comfortable and the weather will be nicer for our second honeymoon.
I just wish that you were here today darling, the weather is just like summer, I have not worn my hat or gloves yet today. Some girls were running up and down the beach in their bare feet. I have not seen a y snow yet so far. We could really have a swell time together.
They are playing the record machine right now and it is making me very sentimental, listening to some of the old records that being memories of you back to me.
Well dearest, I am glad that you all had a nice New Years, and that next years will be the best yet. By the way dear have you sent away for my books yet? You have not said anything about them lately and I am really looking forward to getting them soon. I wish I knew how you felt about living in the country dear, but that too seems to be something that you never write about. Another thing dear, have you received my latest $50 war bond yet?
Well I am seeing more shows then I have ever seen in my life before. I saw 4 last week and they are usually newer then the ones being shown in the town so that is where I have been going lately.
All my love darling as always,
Your ever loving husband and Pop



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