January 8th, 1946

Well here I am again dear, I am at my usual place at the Beach Cafe, it is 5 o’clock. Percy is sitting beside me also writing. He is leaving at 6:30 tonight to go on board. The lucky guy, I would be one of the happiest guys in the world if I was in his shoes. We have had a couple of nights together at the shows and one night we lifted a few in a pub. He is a darn nice fellow and we get along quite well together. I really hate to see him go. I am just about the last one of our friends to be left here, oh well anything might happen at any time.
Well let me see what I have dome the last few days. Sunday night Percy and I went to the show and also last night too. Saturday night we went to a pub and then went back to Percy’s room and shot the breeze for the rest of the night.
I had a letter from you and Mom yesterday and was glad to hear you had a nice Christmas and you did not miss me anymore than I miss you darling and so our little girl did quite well. For Dolls she will be spoiled but I think you are doing a wonderful job dear and I wish I was only home to show you how much I appreciate you. There is one consolation dear and that is the weather will be better by the time that I get home.
Percy does not know what he and Jessie are going to do. You never answered my letter about whether you wanted to stay at the Royal York for a day or so when I come home but then we have Donna to consider about hadn’t we? I will leave it utterly up to you dearest, whatever you want to do it will be alright with me.
I was thinking that perhaps we could go to Montreal for a couple of days. I know the place pretty good and we could see all the sights together and something else, I am going to buy you a dress so decide what you would like because I really think you are a pretty sharp dresser and I am going to have to step lively to keep up with you.
Well I guess I will close now and so to my best sweetheart and wife,
All my love,



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