December 23rd, 1945

Hello dearest;

Well to the swellest and loveliest little wife in the world how are you? I hope you had a real nice Christmas and New Years and did not feel too badly about not receiving something for Christmas dear, I have already told you that I had something but it was not finished and now they cannot finish it so I do not know whether to send you them they way they are or wait until I come home and get them done in Toronto.
I received your 2 very nice parcels dear, and since the other 2 fellows in our room received parcels our room looks like a grocery store. Do not send me anymore parcels unless I ask for them dear as I do not know where I will stand at the end of January.
Well, I am sitting in our club and it is quite Christmasy inside but outside it looks and feels like a September day, it is very bright and mild. They have a very lovely Christmas tree in here and it almost reminds me of home. Well I am on my Christmas leave and I do not know what to do with myself, boy if I was home with you I would certainly would know what to do. I would not ask for something to eat first anyways. If you know what I mean and I think you do.
I think of you all the time dear and pray that we will be together soon again and you never can tell. I received a telegram from my aunt yesterday saying that Dad arrived home. I was very happy to hear that as I was really starting to worry about Dad being over here as long as he was. I knew that my mother was alright financially but I knew they were both worrying about it and they are both are not getting any younger.
Well let me see now, have you sent away for those books of mine yet dear? I would like to have that book to read over here and study up in my spare time and I have got an awful lot I will tell you. They have dances, concerts and picture shows lined up fir us all next week but I can’t get interested in anything very much dear, except for thinking about getting home again to you and Donna. How did you little daughter enjoy her 2nd Christmas? I bet she was so excited and surprised, her little eyes were as big as saucers.
By the way is Donna’s hair still curly enough for you? I love to hear about her and what she does so come on dear, keep me informed and give me all the latest gossip and how about some pictures, especially that one of Toots sitting on the bench as I think that one is just great!
I am certainly lucky to have you both in my life but I will not say anything more about that except that I love you an awful lot dear.
All my love,



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