December 20th, 1945

Hello Darling;

“I’m in love honey, no one else will do Honey” they are just playing it on the A.F.N program and boy does it ever make me think of you. I have got your pictures in front of me and gosh, I think you are lovely and I love you an awful lot. I kind of sound as though I miss you and I certainly do dearest. But I might be seeing you sooner than I expected, but do not count on me being home before the end of February.
Well let me see what I have done this last week. Sunday night I went to the show, Monday I stayed in and played cards with the boys. Tuesday I went to the show, Wednesday I went out with the boys in the office tot he oldest pub in England and had a night of drinking. I only had 3 pints of beer and a couple of brandies I was not in very bad shape. I guess Pop Booth has got his stock in, lucky guy.
By the ay dear, a year ago tomorrow I came home for my 5 days leave. I arrived in at 7 AM in the morning but gosh, has the time gone by very quickly. This time next year we will all be together and being separated will all seem like a bad dream.
Well, by the time you receive this letter Dad will be back home I guess, and you will know all about his adventures over here. I hope Mom does not hold it against him for too long, even though he was away for so long.
Dear, I do not mean to be a pest but what have you been thinking about where we are going to live when I get back home? I know it is practically impossible to get a place but see if you can locate anything. Dorris’ Moore might be able to speak to her landlord. Darn it, I wish Mom had not sold her house on Browning Ave that would have been swell for us.
By the way what is Percy’s last name? I will try and locate him if he is still over here. I am not looking too forward to Christmas over here so if I could be with someone who I know a little it would make it a little more tolerable to be away from you and Donna this Christmas.
I am missing all the little things that Donna is doing but you keep telling me in your letters about the silly things that she does and what she is saying and how she is climbing all over the furniture with no cares in the world. It means everything to me.
So for now, all my love to a swell wife and mother,
Your loving husband,



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