November 24th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well dear, here I am again finally writing you another letter. I received your letter yesterday saying you had got my parcels away. I hope you did not forget my ask for another bottle of shaving lotion as the last one that you sent over was broken by the time it arrived over here.
So little Toots has a cold, well so has her Dad. I really have a dandy but it is getting a little bit better now. The weather is very mild but a little damp and you know how that weather is for a cold. I really can’t get over it. I have never seen weather like this before. So Toots is still afraid of the Doc. I can remember her screaming the time we took her to him before. She is just like her Mom a very cute little girl.
How are you keeping darling, well I hope and getting lots of sleep so you will be in good shape for our second honeymoon, and that is what it is going to be for me darling, a bigger and better honeymoon.
Well I am doing just about nothing now. I have been seeing another pictures every afternoon. The R.C.A.F puts on motion pictures very day for us and real new pictures too. I saw “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Keep your powder Dry” this week and it is free and kills the afternoon very nicely so I enjoy them.
I go on nights for a week this Friday. I really do not mind as I do not know what to do with them anyway.
I wrote my cousin yesterday and told him that you can’t get a Ronson right but that you would send one over as soon as you could.
You have not forgotten my books have you darling? It will give me something to read and study in my spare time and I have got lots of that!
So poor Ted has to go to Montreal, I certainly feel sorry for him, having to part from Marg and baby Judy so soon after being back. I would rather take a $10 week job then leave you two when I get back.
Gee, I an going to miss you a lot at Christmas darling. We had a lot of fun last one didn’t we? And I am very much thankful for having as much time with you as I did.
Well nothing from my Pop. I think I will be home before him, and that is too bad, but he only has himself to blame. He would not listen to us when we told him that coming over here at the end of the war would be disastrous for him.
Well so long for now dearest and as always from the bottom of my heart,
All my love,



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