November 15th, 1945

Hi darling;

Well darling, here I am again but with not very much news I am afraid. I had a very nice letter from you on Monday and was very glad to hear that you are all fine.
Well I have not done very much this week except see a couple of show and I will more than likely see another one tonight. There are certainly lots of boys around, all waiting for a boat, they expect to send around 1300 home at the end of the month but they are pretty slow taking our boys home compared to the Americans. I certainly hope they get cracking a lot faster as I do not get home until they do. That’s all everybody talks about over here, rumours, rumours and more rumours. The only thing to do is stay patient and keep cool, it is awfully hard though when you have go as much to come home as I do.
Well I am still on my outdoor job. I really enjoy it though, as I am my own boss and I have a lot of time to myself. I go around town checking and inspecting out hotels just to make sure they are clean and have hot water etc. I know that a lot of guys het women in their rooms for a night or two, but our hotel is the best and is right in the middle of town so they do not get away with that in here.
The shops around town have hardly anything for presents so would you buy Mom something and my Aunt from us both. It is certainly going to be a bleak Christmas for a lot of people over here.
Dear, would you drop my Dad a few lines, e said that he had written you and you never answered him. So if you get a chance write him and let him know how Donna is getting on. I hope your Mom and Pop are well. I guess Pop Booth is getting his Christmas stock in, gee I wish I was there with you all. Well dear I pray every night for it so if that means anything I should be home soon.
The weather here is still great just like late September back home. I just put my maroon sweater on.
I hear that the job situation is pretty bad back home. I wish I know definitely what I wanted to do when I return home. I still am considering going back to school, but we shall see about everything when the time comes.
Please make sure that you look after yourself and of course Donna,
All my love,



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