November 11th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well ddear, it is Sunday morning and I am working just for the morning so I thought I would answer you last letter.
I received the pictures and the cheque yesterday. I think the pictures are just wonderful, both you and Donna are lovely and they only make me want to get home sooner. I am so darn proud when I show your pictures around and all I can say dear is that I have got a pretty grand wife and daughter and I am certainly going to try and make you happy and make up for all the time that we have been parted.
Well darling I just put 10 pounds in the bank that is about $45 so I will have a little reserve in case anything comes up. I do not know whether we are going to get any leave at Christmas. Well here it is almost the middle of November already the time seems to go fast when you look back at it but it drags by everyday when you are away from those we love.
I hope you do not get fed up with me telling you how much I do love you dearest. I have found out just how hard it is to get along without seeing you. All I do in my spare time is go to the shows and sleep. I can’t seem to get interested in dances anymore. Oh well I have figured that I am past the half way mark of being away from you.
So Nan had a little girl, that is very nice. They are both very nice and I hope that they will be as happy as we are darling. We will just have a boy next time with all these girls that are floating around. We are going to have a lot of good times together when we all get out own homes.
I am glad that you are buying clothes for yourself and the baby dear and you go ahead and get anything you want. I would give anything to be able to buy them for you and Donna. But we will do the next best thing and let you buy them. Boy I can’t wait for the day when I go out on my shopping spree.
Oh by the way dear will you get my suits repaired. The pocket on my all weather coat is ripped and also my pockets in my black suit.
As always darling, I love you very much,
Your loving husband



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