November 7th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well dear, I received your 2 letters today one for the 29th and 31st. I was very glad to hear from you as usual. I am working until 11 o’clock tonight so I thought I would write you while I was not busy.
Well dear, I have not done anything very exciting lately except pull a few bank jobs so we have lots of money now. I got paid today and a few of the boys paid me back some of the money they owed me. So I will put your money in the bank as soon as I receive it.
I went to the show on Sunday night with George Kirk and Monday night went to our station club but I was a little bored and then went to bed.
Last night I saw 2 good pictures at the show, one was Divorce with Kay Francis and I really enjoyed it. HIs wife in the picture reminded me of you darling and I almost got homesick. I think of you an awful lot darling and I only wish for the day we are together again.
The boys are pretty restless here and as most of them have been over here for a couple of years anyway. I hope they get them home soon. Oh darling I remember you just as well as the day I left and we know each other so well that this parting will only bring us closer together when I am back home. I think I love you more since I have been away if that is possible dear. I look at your pictures at least twice every day and do you remember the one we took out back at my folks place, that is the one I like best.
We had some very beautiful times together in Halifax and I will always say that they were the happiest days I have ever had in y life darling, thanks to you.
So, Ted is still out of work, boy he is having some holiday, but he is getting bored of it I guess. I figure that we should be able to go for our second honeymoon when I get my discharge. So you had better start getting your second honeymoon outfit lined up sweetheart. It will be just like a honeymoon to but a lot better than our first because we will be together for good this time.
I am glad to hear that my mother is getting around and darling I want to thank you for going over as often as you do. I certainly appreciate that. I have just finished writing my dad a letter. I do not think that he will be home until the new year. Well my aunt is taking good care of him as it has been many years since they lived under the same roof.
All my love darling,



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