November 4th, 1945

Hi darling;

Well here I am again dear it is Sunday afternoon and I am going to eat as soon as I finish this and then go to a show with George Kick. You remember him, he lived on Fielding Ave I think, he married a Scotch girl, she is in Toronto now, he expects to be going home the end of this month (lucky him!). He has been away for 2 years though.
Well dear not very much new to tell you except I love you and miss you more than ever. I cannot wait until I am with you again dearest, boy it will be nice to see a nice clean Canadian girl who cleans her fingers nails once in a while and I mean clean in more ways than one!
You should read the papers here, every day some husband is shooting his wife for sleeping around and vice versa. You cannot beat the Canadian girls and you in particular Toots, being away from you like this dear has really been good for us both, we realize just how much we love each other and mean so much to one another and I am very glad to be your husband darling and when I get home we are going to have a wonderful time planning our future together.
I think that will be in about 4 months, Do not tell anyone but I am building a barrel to go home in. I am setting out in February, so you could be waiting in Halifax when I wash up on shore.
Well darling I sold my windbreaker for $8 so I am in good standing for dough now. I will put your $25 in the bank as soon as I get it. My war bond is paid for now and so I will be getting more pay, but it does not cost me much here, mostly for shows, that’s all.
Well dear have you had any luck about socks yet, and I need some razors blades and I think that is about all for now. So Ted is not getting very far in trying to get a job. HE should have stayed in the R.C.A.F for a couple of months. I thought to myself that it would be hard to get a job back home for a few months. But you know Ted, you can’t tell him anything.
I still have not decided what I want to do either. I would like to go into business with my Pop but I cannot do anything until he gets back home. But we are not hard up financially dear so we will not have to worry will we?
How is your job going Toots, so you still like it? Oh yes, please do not forget to send me some pictures of my best gal, and Donna too of course. Mom says she looks really lovely, just like her mother does to me. The boys cannot figure out how I got you, I tell them that you married me for my money. HAHA.
So long for now dearest,
Love Always,



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