October 16th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well I am writing from the living room of the aunts home in Llandudno Wales. We have just had our supper. I have been here since last night and I have seen a lot of the country today. I went through Conway Castle the oldest one in England. I also went through the smallest house in Britain, you could barely turn around in it. And I also went through a real old house, about 300 years old. I went in a room which was haunted and saw a picture of the ghost.
My Aunt has given me a real good welcome and I am going to get lots of sleep. The country around here is very lovely and I just wish you were here darling. I would be the happiest guy in the world. I guess I must love you, but don’t guess it, I know it darling. I brought Donna’s picture with me and they have all fallen in love with her. What they don’t know is that she pulls out her grannies pots and pans of the pantry and plays on them all the time.
How is out little darling doing dear? I am about the proudest guy in the world when I think of you two. I have just finished writing my Mom and I have been trying to cheer her up. She seems rather downhearted about Dad not coming home. I really feel sorry for her as I really do not think he will be home for 6 months yet. So darling anything you could do to help would be much appreciated.
Gee dear am I ever glad that I married you when I see the “Characters” over here, that is what we call these English girls, “Characters”. I would like to throw them in a real hot bath and give then a good cleaning up. Oh well, why worry.
I received your letter of the 9th on the 12th so that is pretty good. I do not know whether I mentioned it in my last letter darling but we have the Queen Elisabeth to take our boys home so it might hurry things along. Just think that this time next year I will be all settled at home with a respectable wife and loving daughter in our own home. And I think of all the loving we have to catch up one, it makes me a little crazy.
I love you darling from the bottom of my heart and if I do not tell you enough, well I am telling you now that there is no one in the entire world that I love more that you darling. I just finished showing all the pictures of Donna to everybody here and they all say that she takes after me, so how lucky am I?
So darling I will end it here, so all my love to you and Toots.
Love always,



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