October 10th, 1945

Hi Honey;

Well here i am dear Wednesday night and I am working tonight so I thought I would drop you a lone and let you know that your husband is on top of the world. I received my wind breakers, shoes etc. in you order today and many thanks dear.
I think I told you that I am working Wednesday and Sunday nights now. I really do not mind as I get the next day off and there is not very much to but just stick around. I was just reading a Toronto Star dated 30th August and enjoying it very much but making myself very homesick.
Oh by the way darling my wind breaker is too small for me so I had a chance to sell it for $15 so what do you think, do you want the money for yourself? Let me know dear.
Well I have not been doing anything very exciting lately. The weather is still wonderful and people are still crowding the beach and sitting on deck chairs, in fact there were quite a few hardy souls in swimming today.
I went to the dance on Monday and just wished you were there all night. Tuesday night I went to the show and saw “Farewell My Lovely” and I guess I will take in a show tomorrow and see something steamy.
Gosh dearest I am just living for the day when we are together again and I am still not very optimistic about it being soon so just keep the old chin up and I will try not to get impatient though it is pretty hard.
Bob Hobbs is still here and he expects to be posted somewhere in England. Gee our boys are getting married right and left over here and I am afraid that lots of them are going to be awfully sorry. The women feel that it is their last chance to marry a Canadian and they are doing EVERYTHING to get one. One of the boys in our room has only known their girl for one month and they are getting married. It is a darn shame as the girls only want to het out of this country. There are 30,000 Canadians married to English girls and about 55,000 Americans. I have not seen one girl that has even come near looking as lovely to me as you do darling.
Well darling I best get back to doing not much and reading some more important documents and recording all the goings and comings of our outfit. Well, so long for now dearest,
All my love,


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