October 7th, 1945

Hello Dear;

I received 2 letters from you yesterday and 2 from my mother so I imagine that I am caught up now. It is Sunday morning, it is quite cool and I am writing from my old hang out again, the Beach Hotel. There are a few people sitting on the beach and a couple of girls in bathing suits but I do not think it is going to be a nice day. I am working tonight so I really do not mind.
Well I had a letter from my aunt saying that here is about 12000 people ahead of Pop to go home, he is pretty fed up but is it entirely his own fault Doreen and he will just have to make the best of it. Personally I would not be surprised if I was home before him!
Things are just the same dear. I am living just from one day to another and we are all just waiting to go home. I will just have to be patient even though this waiting and separation is the hardest thing I have ever had to put up with in my entire life.
I think it would be a good idea to sell our car and while the prices are good and then buy a new one when they are on the market again. I think I would suggest that in my next letter to my mother. Thanks for getting my soap and hair tonic away. Did you ever get a couple of combs away for me? Those small tooth combs I mean dear. I think I mentioned in my last letter that I received your last parcel and if I forgot to mention the combs could you get on it dear?
By the way have you received my books from that place in the states yet I have got a long cold winter ahead of me and I and I will need something to read and dear I want you to save up all your ideas on furnishing and decorating our future home. We should start to build in the spring of 1947 and in the meantime if we can’t get a place to stay will just have to stay with our folks I guess.
Say how about some more pictures of you and Cookie? I am glad to hear that you are putting weight on again dear. You had better be on good shape when I get back because we have a lot of loving to “practice” but I do not imagine we will need much practicing, do you honey?
Well I guess that I will end it here and I will leave you with the comment that I wrote above, just so you can think about what we will get up to when I get home.
With all my love,



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