September 30th, 1945

Hi darling;

Well here I am again dear. I have had a very uneventful week. I went to a couple of shows and saw “The Enchanted Cottage” and “Weekend at the Waldorf” and both were very good.
It has been just lovely weather this last three days, in fact nicer than most days in July and August, but it has been a pretty good summer as far as I can see.
I am writing from the beach café this morning and as I look out the window the ocean is really beautiful and the kids are wading around and people are sitting in the deck chairs. You would think it was a day in July it is so warm.
Well, in our paper yesterday that said all the RCAF would be home by March so I just hope they are right because every time I think of Ted home for good it really makes me feel very homesick and darling every minute I am away from you make me feel like it is wasted. The only thing that is keeping me happy this morning is playing records and by what a collection they have. All the latest and I bet they have played Vaughn Monroe’s, “There I said it Again” twenty times already, it really is super isn’t it?
By the way dear, I am a little short on dough. I did not tell you but I bought a $50 War Bond out of my pay and I thought I would be able to get by on it but I broke my glasses and had to pay about $5 to have then repaired so that sort of knocked a hole in my account so could you send about 5 pounds that is about $22. I have to buy some presents for my Aunts for Christmas so can you send it soon.
We had the RCAF Streamliners at our dance on Friday ad what a band they are. They are better than Niosi but not quite as good as Glen Miller.
Well Ross thinks he will be staying here in the army of occupation, his Repost number is 116, but then none of us over here know definitely where we stand and I might have to stay over here for a couple of years but I doubt that is a reality darling.
We have a paper over here that is called the Maple Leaf and they were writing all about the good and the bad about immigrating to Canada, so I will try and dig up a copy for you so you can have a good laugh. One of the bad things is the cold, but let me tell you the damp wet cold weather here is certainly much worse than any winter we have ever had to endure, but that is just my opinion.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now, but dearest, I think about you all the time and I love you so very much so lets pray to God that I will be home soon.
All my love,



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