September 23rd, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well dear here I am again. I received your last letter yesterday dear and read that you were working again. Well darling it is entirely up to you if you want to work it is entirely OK with me but you know we’ll have enough money to get along with.
Well I am back from the Camp and lazing around today, just taking it easy. Gosh, now that Ted is home I want to get home more than ever but I will just have to be patient for a while linger but it is really pretty hard as I look at your pictures and Donna every day and you both look awfully nice.
Well dear I ran into Bud Hunt, Laurie’s Hunts brother and he was telling me both Laurie and John Richardson are both married. Laurie for over a year and John for about 3 years. Laurie’s’ wife is expecting a baby. We seem to grow up so fast don’t we?
My Dad is in London trying to find out where he stands on going back. I think he has learnt his lesson now, about doing rash things. We could have bought a new car with all the money he has spent on this trip!
I am glad that Mom sent a parcel to my Aunt and I hope she sends one to Aunt Nance too as it is at her place that Dad is spending his time. They are certainly going to have a tough winter over here with the shortage if food and coal. I am glad I have got enough warm clothes for the winter and wot my windbreakers and sweater I will be well away.
I think I mentioned dear in a letter before that you had better not send me any more bottles as one of the boys wives was caught and had to pay a $15 fine so I can get along without it but you had just better have one when I get off that train when I come home.
I think dear that will be the happiest day of my life. In fact I will feel more confident then when I was married as I have so much more to look forward to. I mean that I will be with you for good. In a way dear this was has brought us closer together. It has certainly made me realize just how much I have come to depend on you. Because it would certainly be awful not having you and Donna to come home to.
Well darling I guess that us about all for now and so for now dearest as always,
All my love,


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