September 20th, 1945

Dearest Darling;

Well darling, here is that man in your life again. It is Thursday afternoon and I am sitting in the lounge at Milford it is a miserable afternoon and all the boys are just lounging around the hotel reading, playing cards and writing letters.
I am going to write my mother as soon as I finish yours. Well I am having a real good time here. Yesterday I had to work at meal times as it was out groups turn to work. We helped in the kitchen and I had to peel potatoes for the first time since I got into the service.
We went into a little town about 5 miles up the road last night. We were going to the show but we had all seen the picture, and now we have heard that they changed the show so we will be going there tonight. Last night one of the fellows was beaten up. 4 or 5 lads jumped on him so we went out in groups of 6 to find the guys but we did not have any luck but we are all going out again tonight to find those little rascals.
I played tennis all afternoon on Tuesday as it was a beautiful day and I had a real good time. We played at a lovely exclusive English Club out here. We can play golf too but it has not been nice enough to go out in the last couple of days but I hope to het a game in before I go back.
I received a letter from you yesterday and was glad to hear that Ted had arrived in Quebec and was more than a little bit jealous of him. But I hope it will not be very long before I am home darling.
So little cupcake is on the go all the time eh? Well you just look after her until Daddy gets home and then I will take her under my wing.
I went for a walk yesterday and saw the most loveliest place, it has a blue roof and was half brick and half wood and it had a red gravel path for cars in a big circle in front, exactly what I had in mind and I will be the happiest guy when I drive up in our car dear and we three walk into our own home and dear, God willing it will not be too far in the future.
Oh by the way I heard from Pop and he think he will be going home about anytime now, about time too.
Well darling I will end this here so again, all my love to you and our darling daughter.
All my love,



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