September 17th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well dear I am writing on a bed in my room at our rest camp at Milford-On-Sea which is about 20 miles from Bournemouth. It is really a wonderful place with tennis, boating, swimming, golf, etc. They are giving all the staff boys a weeks holiday here and I really think I am going to have a good time. It was a lovely day today and we played volleyball and baseball then I went for a walk along the beach.
Yesterday I went to the show and saw an old picture of Robert Young’s “HM Pullam Esq.”, I thought it was a good show. Saturday afternoon I went swimming and at night I saw “Roughly Speaking” with Rosalind Russell, it was also very good.
I guess you are thinking that I am one big holiday here, well darling I would give it all up this minute to be able to get home to you. I imagine Ted is on his way now if he is not already home. Is Jack Shearman stuck over here as a key person as well?
Well dear here I am again asking for some more stuff. I would like some more soap darling. I have 4 bars left and some more razors blades. I would like to give my Aunts and Uncles something for Christmas in appreciation of the way they treated me so would like to speak to my mom about it and sort of go in together. I will pay you when I come home so put it on my bill, lets just call it our “loving” bill and knock a dollar off every time I……you…..tisk tisk. Seriously though darling I love you an awful lot but now that the war is all over and I really can see getting home for good in the near future. I still get awfully fed up at times but I just have to see the next few months out and then it is home for good for me. I can’t imagine that it is over 6 months since I last saw you darling and I can remember you on that Sunday morning in the car with me so very well. Just think that when next I see you we will not have to say good-bye any more Sunday nights again. It was certainly tough at times wasn’t it?
I was just reading in the paper that last year there were 52,000 illegitimate Canadians born each year, and that certainly is a shame. I do not understand why people just don’t get married and have all the fun on the wedding night, but I guess each person has to make their own choices, and I am glad we did just that.
Well darling, I guess that just about winds it up again but I will write Wednesday.
All my love dearest,



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