September 14th, 1945

Hi Toots:

Well dear here I am again, it is a really miserable day today but I am sitting in out club right now and am quite cozy. I received two letters from you on Wednesday and one from my Mom. I hope that you are feeling well darling because I would certainly worry about you if there was anything wrong with you dear because confidentially, I love you very much. Of course do not tell your mother or she might make us get married and then we would miss all the fun, oh but then it would be legal wouldn’t it?
Well things are just the same here, we are a little more quite here now, about 500 men left for home today. But the station is still pretty full. When I look around and see the conditions that some people live under here I realize just how lucky we are. They have gas lights in a lot of the homes here and outdoor plumbing and I have not seen a meal like our usual Sunday meals back home. They usually have bread and jam and some stewed fruit at 6 o’clock and then at 10:30 or so bread, potatoes and fish. No wonder most of the people look like they have been cragged through a barbed wire fence.
I imagine the was has caused most if it bit I do not think they will change very much even when conditions are better. I was very pleasantly surprised with my room and where I was staying, and I thought that they were really swell.
Well darling I am going to our recreation camp on Monday for a week, they exercise and play games etc. SO I am looking forward to a nice weeks vacation. I am applying for my leave for the first 12 days in October so I will definitely try and get to Aberdeen for a few days anyway.
Thank you dear for sending away for those books and plans and you can bet I will give you $4.50 worth of loving. I will give you so much that you will have to have a months holiday to rest up, boy that sounds wonderful doesn’t it? It is wonderful to know that I have such a swell wife and daughter waiting for me at home when this whole thing is over. But I want you to know that I would not do anything to spoil our love for each other. There are some of the lads over here who have found themselves in a particular situation of having a wife back home and a girlfriend over here, and in some cases a little one has surprisingly shown up…..almost like a miracle don’t you think dear? HA HA.
Well darling that is the works for now but I will write you on Sunday again and as always darling,
All my love,



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