September 9th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear, here it is Saturday night and I am writing this from our Beach Hotel and that song “Saturday Night is the Loveliest Night of the Week” is certainly true. They are having a dance in the next room but I am just not interested in anything.
I have just got up from having a nice little nap. I had to work all day today and quite likely I will have to work all day tomorrow too but I really do not mind as it helps keep your mond off of getting home and that seems to be all everyone is talking about these days.
The station is a Repot station now and we are sending the boys directly on the boats from here. The station is full right up now and accordingly to our paper there is a big draft leaving in the middle of the month, so I imagine Ted will be going then if he is not home already.
Oh dear, while I remember you had better not send me any liquor, one of the boys wives was fined $15 for sending a bottle so I do not think it is worth taking the chance, but you can still send something to eat (haha).
Well Ross got out of his posting OK, and he has gone to Torguay to play ball this weekend so I am all alone in the room. I am going up to London for a couple of days on Monday so I will drop you a card from there.
Well how is my little cupcake? I hope that I am home for her 2nd birthday, gosh dear I certainly do a lot of day dreaming about us three and then perhaps us four or us five (ahem) that’s enough Lewis, I do not want to get too excited. How about taking some more pictures of you and Donna dear, I would rather have pictures of you and her than have you send the film over here but I could use a film or two dear if you can get any.
Well darling I hope your Dad had a nice holiday, he really does deserve it. I hope they are both well and Beverley is too. Gosh darling I love you. I just wish I were there to prove it so lets go government, send Lewis home so him and his wife can get cracking on some heavy loving and he can start being a father to that little daughter of his.
Well dear that is about all for now and so as always,
All my love,



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