September 6th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well here I am again darling with not very much news I am afraid. I received 3 of your letters this week darling and I was very glad as usual. I received a letter you mailed on the 25th, one from the 29thth and one from the 3rd so I got them fairly quickly isn’t it?
Well, Ross got his posting to Germany so is not very happy about it and I can’t blame him. He might get out of it though as there is a lad here who really wants to go in his place. I am so darn fed up at times. I should not be squawking all the time about getting home but when you see guys with half the service that I have going back home it does burn you up.
They say we are key personnel but any guy with half a brain could take over in 10 minutes. This is what they call sweating it out and boy that is what I am doing. But then I have only been over here for 6 months and even though I got home now we would have a place of our own. So dear I will just have to get along without you and Donna for a little while longer.
I am going up to London for a day so I will drop you a card from there. I had 2 free theatre tickets so last night I saw “Salome” and tonight I think I will see another western picture. They are both good shows, then I will go and spend the rest of the night at our Club.
I have been doing a lot of night work this week. I did not get to bed until 5AM on Tuesday morning. There were 5 of us so we went down in our mess for an early breakfast. The nights are quite chilly now but I am getting sheets now so I am quite cozy and comfortable in bed but not a comfortable if you were with me darling.
I am rather disappointed that my Mom has not sent me a parcel, particularly one that gurgles. I thought she would, oh well. Thank you dear for everything that you have sent over to me. I heard from my Mom, I finally got a letter from here and I do feel sorry for her as my Dad has been over here for 10 weeks and there is no news on when he will be getting back. I can only imagine how nervous she must be, but knowing Dad he is over here having the time of his life.
Well so long for now darling, I love you.



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