September 2nd, 1945

Hi darling;

Well here I am again, Sunday afternoon and I am writing to you from the lounge at the Beach hotel overlooking Lake Ontario, pardon me, the Atlantic Ocean. It has been rather poor weather the last 3 days.
Well I have been a lot of night work the last week (now do not get the wrong idea!) I am working in the quartering section and we have been getting in a lot of men from the continent at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning and we have got to get them into the different hotels. I am actually the only NCC in the section and we have got about 20 hotels to look after so it is really a big job. I have to do a lot of ridging on a bike just to check up on them.
I see by our paper that half the Air Force is now gone home from here now and that leave about 32,000 left here. They are going to give all the staff here a weeks vacation at our summer hotel at Milford-on-Sea. They asked us when we wanted to go and I said next week so I imagine I will be there for a week. All they do is play games and take hikes.
Well let me see what I have been doing. Last night I saw “Mr. Sheffington” at the show, tonight I think I will spend a quiet evening here and play records. Friday night I went to the dance, we had it in an ice rink, it is quite nice, but I left because it was too crowded.
Well dear, how are you, well I hope. And our little daughter? I received your pictures Wednesday and was very pleased with them, you really look like a glamour gal don’t you. And Toots is certainly growing and she looks so cute sitting on that bench. Well, it is nice to think that I will be seeing you both in about 4 or 5 months and we will be together for a long time.
Well, I was pretty well tanned up a month ago but the tan has faded now due to the poor weather.
Say dear, how about sending another bottle over or how about 2 13oz ones. I could sell one for $10 and make enough to pay for the other one. I wish you would and you said that you would. I have not had a drink since the last bottle that you sent over. I really do not like the English beer.
The beach is pretty well deserted this morning except for all of our boys walking around. It just reminds me of Sunnyside.
Well darling that is the news for now, so looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Lots of love,



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