August 24th, 1945

Hi dearest;

Well here we are on a very dreary long Friday afternoon. It is drizzling out and I have not had a letter from you since Monday of last week. I have just finished sealing an envelope with some pictures I took on my leave. I have also enclosed a slip which I would like you to send away for me dear. The address is on the the top and when you receive then just send me the official book and not the plan. I am certainly enthusiastic about it darling, and I just hope you are as well. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for us to have our own place and build something on our own land out in the country. They have raised the maximum price to $6000 so we should be able to get something really nice. When you get the plans I want you to look it over and let me know. Try and keep it under your hat dear, as people might try and discourage you but I have thought it all over and it is really what I want and as I have said before I hope you want it too darling.
Well let me see what I have been doing, Tuesday and Thursday evenings I stayed in our club all night. Wednesday night I went to a dance but did not have a particularly wonderful time. Tonight I think I will go to the show. The people on vacation this week have had an awful week, it has been miserable every day and quite cool at night. Harry, the fellow whose wife went home to Canada received a letter from her today and she is just thrilled with everything. She can’t get over, so much to buy and so many choices. I gather that growing up over here all this time you get used to having not many choices, but back home in Canada we are so lucky to have options. He was due to go home but he is frozen over here like the rest of us.
I received a letter from Dad yesterday and as of yet he has heard nothing about his return trip to Canada. He sent a registered letter yesterday to find out where he stands. I think she should get some sore of an answer soon.
Well how is out little darling, is she talking yet? I should have those pictures tomorrow and I cannot wait. Does she still like that top corner of her bed? I can just see her now sound asleep up there. I am just hoping dear that I will be home for her second birthday and everyone after that.
Well darling I will end it here but I will end this by saying how much I love you and our little daughter and looking forward to the day when I can wrap my arms around the both of you and hug you tight.
Your loving husband,



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