August 21st, 1945

Hello dearest;

I received your letter of the 11th yesterday dear and also one from my mother. It is 10 o’clock and I am listening to Jimmy Dorsey and as soon as I finish this letter I am going out for my morning cup of coffee.
Well dear I had yesterday off because I worked all Saturday night, boy is war an awful grind. I had to meet the boys coming off the trains, one train came in at 3:30 in the morning so you can imagine what I felt like Sunday morning. I managed to get a little sleep in though. I lounged around the beach all day Sunday and went to the show Sunday night.
Yesterday it was a very miserable day and I slept in the afternoon and thought about how nice it would be to be home with you dear. I received a card from Dad yesterday, and he has not heard anything about going home yet. I didn’t blame him for wanting to come over here but he could have surely waited until things settled down over here, and I Don’t blame mom for being a little peeved but I do not want to get involved so I will not say too much.
The weather the last 3 or 4 days has been very miserable, quite cloudy and drizzly like. So, you were up at Doris’ and her cocktails really floored you? Do you remember the one I gave you that night? Boy we did have a lot of fun that night didn’t we? Looking forward to other night like that is the only thing that make me feel content dear and you can bet your boots that there is going to be a lot more for us darling. It is pretty tough for me to hear that all the boys are getting their discharge, but I will just have to be patient for a few more months. I am rather worried about where we will stay dear. I know that your mother would welcome us but I know that you would like that and I know that I would not mind.
Gosh I think Mom made a mistake when they sold Browning Ave, but you might be able to find something you would like in the way of a nice apartment. I wish you would let me know what you think dear so we could make some sort of plans about the future. We will not be able to start building until maybe the spring of 1947. I am getting some plans when I come home and when they are approved by the Veterans Land Assc. We can pick out the spot and go ahead full steam with our own builder.
I am getting quite enthusiastic about it and I am all set to get cracking as soon as I can.
Well dear I have not received those pictures your sent. I am looking forward to receiving them. I have 3 rolls at the store, but I will not be able to get them for a couple of weeks. But I will send them over to you as soon as I get them.
Well I guess that is all for now dearest,
All my love.



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