August 17th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear I guess you are resting up from V.V day right now eh? Well it is finally over dear and it is just a matter of time before we will be together again for good darling. It was a pretty quiet time here. We had a big “doo” in our mess, dancing and so on but I did not do anything particularly exciting. In fact I was in bed by 12 o’clock both nights. It would have been an entirely different thing if I was with you in Toronto.
We drew straws to see who would work over the holidays. I lost so I worked yesterday but I was off the afternoon before, I did not mind as I will get an extra 2 days on my leave.
I have just come in from a very nice swim in the tank thus afternoon. Things are very quiet here and it is just like a holiday. We have a radio here and we get real solid “music” pretty well all day.
I received your very nice letter that you wrote on the 5th of this month, the one you wrote on regular paper. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear Ted is going back, he certainly deserves it. I imagine Marg is quite excited and I really do not blame her as she can now start planning on getting out of that prison that she has been living in.
Well darling do not count on me coming home for 6 months anyway. I do not know anything more at this time but I do not want to get your hopes up just yet. Of course anything can happen of change on a dime. I miss you and our little darling. Gee I think of her whenever I see any little girls here about her age. I enjoy reading about those little things that she does. So let me know about them dear in your next letter. I bet she is like her mother.
I am really glad that we had a daughter because she will remind me of you. I had a better start reading some books on how to be a successful father since I am going to be making a full time job of it in the near future.
Do you think that I had better start reading some on how to be a successful lover or do you think I will pass the test? Won’t it be wonderful on Sunday nights when there will not be any trains for me to catch? I was getting harder for me to leave every time I boarded the train. Gosh dear, you and Donna mean so much to me and I am going to try and make sure that I give you everything that the both of you want, particularly a nice home to live in. Why don’t you take a ride some day up north and see a nice spot for us to build a home and settled down.
Do not forget to send over those pictures dear and I have just thought will you send my suede windbreaker too. Weill dear I am working tonight but I am getting tomorrow and the next day off so I do not mind.
Well dearest I guess that is all for now and so darling,
All my love as ever,



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