August 10th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well here I am again dear, it is Friday afternoon and I am back off my leave and the first day at work. We are all sitting around the radio listening to a solid hour of records. They have just announced that Japan has accepted unconditional surrender but they are just awaiting confirmation. Nobody seems particularly excited as we did not know if it will effect us for a while but I think to myself that there should be more shipping out but we will have to wait.
Well darling, I had 5 lovely letters from you waiting for me when I come back. I was glad to hear that you enjoyed your holidays and was glad to hear that Mom managed to get up for a couple of days. I am rather disappointed that she did not write Dad but I hope she has by now. I think he feels rather badly about it but I will not stick my nose into it. I wish you had been with me on my leave dear, we would have had such a wonderful time but we will just love each other that much more when we do finally get together. That is the nicest part of being separated that is being together again and this time for good darling.
So little Donna is as much of a live wire as ever. Gosh I like to hear you tell me these little things about her and I am looking forward to those snaps dear so hurry them along.
Gosh they are playing a lovely record now dear, it is “Dreams” by the Pied Pipers, it is really a beautiful melody, if you get a chance will you buy the record for me dear and think of me when you play it as it certainly brings back a lot of wonderful memories to me darling.
Ahem enough of that Lewis or you are going to get homesick! It is a lovely day today and there are thousands of people on the beach. The nights are quite cool though, just the right kind for loving. What do you say Eh?
One of the boys here has just put his wife on a boat for Canada. She is having a baby in November. But he received a letter from her today and they are really being treated well, but if I could get home I would go by canoe if I could. I am lucky when I think of a lot of other fellows and poor Ted not even having seen Judy yet and you can at least be sure that he is coming home, or we can certainly hope that is what his plan is.
Well dear so long for now and as always all my love,



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