August 7th, 1945

Hi darling;

Well dear I am sorry that i did not write you sooner but I just could not get any of these air letter forms anywhere in Birmingham until yesterday and then I could only het these 6 penny ones.
Well darling I have just had a very nice leave but not nearly as nice as the ones that we had together darling. I left Weston on Sunday and had a nice trip up here to Birmingham and got in about 5:30. I went for a lovely walk up into the hills at the back of my aunts place. Monday I mooched around the house until after supper and then took in a show. Yesterday it was not very nice and I did not do very much at all. We have a lovely big fire going in the room and it is very cozy and comfortable. How I wish you and Donna were here with me dear.
I mentioned to my aunt yesterday that I would not mind staying in England if I had a place as nice as hers. She said that if I was serious and she had of known it before, then she would have turned her post office over to me. She made $65 a week there. She is very comfortably off and is really a very good sport.
Oh yes dear, she gave me $10 for a wedding present as they could not send anything out of the country when we were married.
So what do you think we should do with the money? I’ve got Donnas picture in front of me right now dear. I take it with me when I go on leave. I hope she knows me from my picture but I doubt it very much. I have not had a letter of yours for over a week since I have been on leave and I am looking forward in receiving one very much.
I sent you some comic post cards, they really have a big variety and as you can see by the ones that I have sent you they would not allow them in Canada and yet they show them right in store windows over here. It certainly is nice to be in a home again with all the conveniences and my aunts place if even more modern then out so you can imagine I am making myself at home.
My Dad is expecting to hear from the shipping company any day now and I think he should be getting away this month. He is anxious to get home and is rather disappointed that Mom has not written him. I wish she would and could you drop him a line or two dear. The address is 53 Ridoal Hill Lane, Ridoal Birmingham England make it out to C/O Mrs. Friemann.
Well darling I will end it here as I am running out of space to write so loving you very much and missing you even more and sending my love to you and Donna.
With all my love,



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