August 5th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here I am your old Toronto wife writing you a quick note to say hello and let you know how everything is going back at home. By the time you receive this letter I am sure that you will be galivanting around the English country side having the time of your life with your pal Ross, but I certainly hope dear that you do not forget that your wife and daughter loves you very much and misses you even more.
We finally have returned from our holidays up north and when we got back home we were in the middle of a heat wave and I certainly do miss the beach darling. When we got home the house was so stuffy and hot that you would think that we lived in an oven. The first night was almost unbearable and we all just slept on the beds with no covers just hoping for some relief. Dad was besides himself with the shape of the back garden so we all went out the next day and help him tend to it. Donna just sat on a blanket and slept for most of the day as I am sure the heat was worse for her as she could not cool herself off.
I have gone back to work darling and nothing to report there. It is the same old people as before and we all just talk about going back to the beach or somewhere cool.
Your Pop must still be over there and enjoying his time with his sister, and I certainly do hope that you get a chance to see him and spend some time with him so that he can come home and report to all of us how you are making out and if you are behaving yourself and taking care of yourself.
I spent the weekend with Marg and the baby and she was just the same, worrying about Ted and when he will be coming home and what they will do when he finally does. I cannot imagine dear what it must be like for her knowing that Ted has not even seen his child and there seems to be no rush for him to come back. I do hope that when he finally does that he treats poor Marg well, and it he does not I know Mom and I will chase him with a broom and give him what for.
The usual cast of characters have been by since we got home, Jess and Irene stopped in to say hello, and they are excited as everyone to start their lives but I think everyone is feeling the same now that the war is over and the lads are starting to come back home to Canada.
Well darling I will end it here as I am sure that you will be just getting back when you receive this letter and I am sure that you will be busy. I will make sure that I send over another parcel for you and Roos soon, and make sure that you let me know if there is anything that you need me to send over, and please do not ask for a little bottle as I got the message that last few times when you told me.
I love you with all my heart darling,
From your wife,



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