August 2nd, 1945

Hello dear;

Well here we are Thursday night and Ross and I are writing in my uncles and aunts place at Weston at 10:45. We have just come in from a long walk along the ocean front. But I will start from the first and tell you everything that we have done this week.
I left on Monday at 2:10 from London to meet Ross. I arrived about 5:10 and went to the Beaver Club for something to eat and met Ross there at 7PM. They gave us an address of a club to stay the night at, a service club so we went there for the night and what a night there was about 30 of us in a large room and they kept coming in at all hours of the night, dropping boots and putting the lights on and off. So next morning we said that enough of that and headed for Birmingham.
Well they gave us another service club to stay in, but we were too smart for that again and so we got a hotel room for $2 each to stay in.. That was not too bad but we figured it would not ruin us for money and so we came here yesterday afternoon.
My Dad is still over here, but he does not know that I am on my leave as of yet. Ross and I think that Bournemouth is still the best place of them all. We are free to come and go there and do not feel like we are imposing on anybody. Today we went to the bathing beauty contest and you ought to have seen the girls, just like small elephants. They were well built but there was not a real good looking one in the bunch. But it was a really swell day and I got a dandy tan so I do not think that the entire day was all together wasted.
I see a lot of couple walking around here with babies and gosh, it just reminds me how much I love you and Donna, and I do not think I tell the both of you as much as I should. So when I get home I will not forget to tell you every day that I love you.
Gee, everybody here has a baby and they are dress right down to their undies on the beach. I have never seen something so open in all my life. The women and men uses towels and drop their clothes and into their bathing suits. But the kids, up to 6 or 7 undress right there on the beach. And the girls did not even flinch when they see a boy in the nude. I guess they are just used to it over here.
Well I imagine that you are back from your holiday by now eh? I just hope that we will be together for the next one that you have and the way things are looking I think we will able to holiday together soon.
Well dear give my love to our wee daughter and tell her that her daddy loves her very much and misses her and mommy very very much.
Goodbye for now darling, all my love,



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