July 30th, 1945

Hello dear;

Well darling, I hope that I will have time to dash this off before I go on my leave in about 2 hours. I am taking the 2:30 train this afternoon for London where I am meeting Ross and will stay there for a couple of days and then buzz off to see a little of the country. I think I will be able to see my Aunt in Llandudo Wales.
Bournemouth is really crowded now, it reminds me of Midland. Do you remember those days that we spent there on our honeymoon? It seems like a very long time ago doesn’t it dear? Well anyways I had yesterday off and so I got up about 10AM, bought a couple of papers, went down to the beach and sat on a deck chair until noon, had something to eat, went back down and sat on the beach until 4:30, had a piece of apple pie, played a round of golf on the putting green with an American and then saw a show. It was ‘Bride by Mistake” and it was pretty good. After that I went to the Y had a cup of tea and some cookies, went home and finally crawled into bed.
Of course my little mouse friend woke me up and I threw a boot at him. That is the second night that he has done that. Anyway, I have moved this morning to across the street to Russell Court, it is not nearly as nice but there is still just 2 of us in the room and it will be a little quieter at night because it is well back off the street.
Well dear your holidays are all over and I think you must have had a good time from what you have said. I was watching a little girl about Donna’s age on the beach yesterday and was just thinking what a good time I would be having with Donna if I was not stuck over here. She will be 2 when I get home and that is not too bad and she has such a wonderful mother looking after her. I know she will be alright.
By the way dear when do you want another one (HA HA) how about in 2 years. Let me know and I will see what I can do about the situation. Now that I think about it I do not think I can do anything right now.
Darling, have you got the cheque from the Government yet? I just cashed your cheque this morning and I have about $45 so that is just what I came over with so I am doing alright.
Well dear I will be writing from London next I imagine.
So for now dear, all my love,



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