July 26th, 1945

Hi Dear;

Well here it is Thursday morning dear, it is a rather dreary day and I feel very low and no ambition about the whole thing. I received a letter from Mom and 2 from you yesterday, one was dated the 29th of June so that must have been the one you lost. I think that you are right about my suit, you do not need bother sending it now.
Well things are just about the same dear. I am all set to go on my leave next week, if only you were with me darling, everything would be perfect. There is certainly a lot of people down here for their holidays and there are a lot of Yanks around now too. They are here from 3 or 4 convalescent clinics around here. The RCAF are taking over a large hotel here and making it into a real night club with a lounge, restaurant etc. All for free of course. The Yanks are doing the same thing too. I cannot seem to get particularly interested in any thing though these days, most of the boys I have spoken to feel the same way. They all want to get home. But I have a lot more waiting to do than they have and I think that I am pretty lucky darling to have a loving wife and family waiting for me at home. If only I knew definitely what will happen to me and when, and what I will do when I get home. I know for certain that I do not want an office job, it is a poor paying proposition.
I would like to learn a business and then get some money from my mother and go into business for myself.
Well dear the funniest thing has just happened. The personnel counselor has just been here and I have just had a little talk with them just about what I was writing about above in this letter. The government will pay 1/3 of the cost for a place just outside of Toronto, and I can pick any type of house and builder that I want. They will place me with any type of company that I want and I can learn the business and pay us the same amount that I am making in the service. I can get training up to 12 months.
I know that you will agree with me in regards to the future of my work life, but I think that I have big ambitions and I truly want the best of everything for you and our daughter, even though we both agree that we could live anywhere as long as we are together.
I just received your letter of the 19th telling me about Donna walking in the puddle. Gosh I get a big kick reading about her and the little things that she gets up to. She certainly is a lively little girl now isn’t she?
Well darling I will end this letter here, but I will write you on Sunday again and so for now dear as always,
All my love,



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