July 5th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well I guess you know I am on my leave by now dear. I am staying at my aunts just outside of Birmingham and she has a lovely place. It is almost in the country and there is a golf course just across the road. She is quite a gay old gal and smokes lots of cigarettes. I first knew that my Pop had arrived when I received a letter from my aunt then I received a letter from you and Mom. I managed to get away Monday morning and arrived here at 2:30 in the afternoon and as they were not expecting me until 630 I came out to the house by myself.
I was in bed that night at 10PM. Tuesday we went to Stratford-on-Avon to see Shakespeare’s home and spent the day there, it was quite old England and I had quite a good time. Wednesday, that was yesterday, Dad took me around town here and showed me where he grew up and the Church he went to etc.
Last night we visited my cousin, she is 47, but she has a daughter of 18, who looks an awful lot like me. I have never seen anything nicer in Canada in regards to homes as I am seeing here, and most of the houses here have huge gardens. I played a little tennis and listened to records pretty well all night. My cousin brought us home in her car.
Today I am going downtown to look around by myself, I think I might even take in a show. We are leaving tomorrow for Weston to visit my other Aunt and Uncle and that just about winds up my leave. I brought Donna’s pictures with me and boy am I ever proud after all that they have been saying about her. They think that she is the most beautiful baby they have ever seen and cute in her swim suit and I hope you are both enjoying your holidays dear.
My Aunt has our wedding picture on the mantle, she is very nice but all together different than Pop. She is quite comical and is a really good sport I have had breakfast in bed yesterday and today.
Oh dear, if you and Donna were only here with me I would be really happy because no matter where I am I only think about you darling. I am just living for the time when we are all together again darling, as I am very much in love with you.
How is Marg, well I hope and I hope she is enjoying her holidays with you darling. Just do not let any of those summer resort fellows get too friendly.
If I am going to be here for a year or two I am going to bring you over darling, that is if you would like to come. But nothing is definite over here as things change by the day if not by the hour. Does Marg know what Ted is going to do? I guess they have it worse off than we do seeing as Ted has never even met his baby delighter Judy yet.
Well darling that is all for now but will drop you another lone on Saturday darling and so for now,
All my love,



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