June 30th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and I am at work so I thought I would write you today as I am going on leave tomorrow. My Dad arrived on Thursday and my Aunt Annie wired me to come down as soon as I could. So I am away for 10 days. I am looking forward to it, but not nearly as much as I would be if I was going to spend it with you and Donna.
I received your last letter yesterday dear and I wrote your Aunt before you sent over the parcel and she answered my letter. The weather here has been just so so the past week, it certainly has not been hot anyways. I guess you are all ready to go away on vacation dear, gosh I wish I was going with you up north for your holidays.
I had yesterday afternoon off and I went to the show and saw, “Picture of Dorian Grey” it is rather a grim picture but I really enjoyed it none the less.
I received a letter from Mom and she was telling me about the strawberries and cream that they had had from their garden. Sounds like she had quite the haul from the garden this year.
Gosh darling, I look at the pictures that you sent me of you and Donna and I get to thinking of all the good times that we have in store for us in the future, just the three of us. We will have a months vacation somewhere, it will be just like another honeymoon won’t it darling? That is the only thing that I look forward to over here, is getting to own our little place. I am going to ask you to write away for some books on how to garden so that when we get out own little place in the country we can figure out how to grow our own produce and fruits. I like a place out in the country would be a lovely thing don’t you darling?
By the way I have not seen Bill Gillis around for the last 3 or 4 weeks. I think e has been posted to a Command Centre in the Pacific, but if I do come across him I will tell him to write.
I went for a swim yesterday afternoon at the baths, I got to keep in shape for when I return back home and not show off my belly that has grown due to all the sweets and biscuits that I have been eating.
Thanks for send the money dear, I have just about the same amount as when I left home, but I imagine that I will be short when I finish my leave as I do not want Dad to be spending all of his money.
I will close now but I hope you have a lovely holiday dear and just keep an eye on Toots that she does not get into trouble.
Your loving husband,



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