May 9th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear, it looks like it is all over, it took a couple of weeks longer than I expected but they should have sent me over a couple of years sooner. The war is over, we have won and I am so happy. We had a big dance and party last night and then everybody went down to the square for some singing but things were surprisingly quiet and orderly and I was in bed by 12 o’clock!
I received my mother and fathers letters yesterday and was very glad to hear from them but I was sorry to hear about Mr. Ingham, has Pop got any idea bout trying to get his place? You are right about the name of the place but you still have to address my mail as you have been doing.
I was glad to hear that you had a picture of Donna taken. Mom says she is really getting cuter than ever. I wish I could see you both soon and it really is hard for me to say how long they will keep me here, nobody seems to know but I would not be surprised if I was home by Christmas, but as I said you cannot really ever tell with the service.
I am still stationed at the place I was telling you about and by the way I received a letter from Aunt Annie and she would be very glad to have me stay at her place as long as I want. I think I will be getting some leave in either June or July, the weather is not very good lately so I do not mind waiting until it gets better.
I went to the show yesterday afternoon that was V.E. Day and saw “Meet me in St Louis”, it was a pretty good picture. I saw a good one last week, and English picture and was it ever smutty. I enjoyed it though, they sang a song called ” Sweet Fanny Adams” and the last line was ” And I don’t give a sweet Fanny Adams Anymore” so I think you get the idea.
I feel a lot better now that the war is over dear, as I can see a good chance of getting home for good, in the not far distant future. And now you have something to look forward to, whereas before you did not know how long it would be so I really do not mind another 5 or 6 months over here as long as I know you and Donna are waiting for me back home.
How does my Aunt like it at our place? Oh yes, when does Ted think he will be home, he should be there before me I am thinking, and Marg must be thrilled at having him home so that they can start a new chapter in their lives out from under that Simpson roof.
I am working today so I will have to close now and get back to work so for now dear, all my love to you and Donna and hoping to see you soon.
I remain, your loving husband,



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