May 3rd, 1945

Hello darling

Well here it is Thursday dear and it is a very miserable day. It is raining quite hard and is rather chilly. By the time you receive this letter the war should be over and then it will be just a matter of months before I am home.
I have just written my Aunt in Birmingham telling her that I would like to go up there for my leave, so you can tell Pop.
I received your other pictures and thought they were the best yet, I would like an enlargement of the one with you and Donna alone so would you get the one made and ship it over to me dear as soon as possible. I think the one where she is holding your beads is the best because the other one has a shadow on your face.
Well I have been doing nothing very exciting lately dear. I have been seeing a lot of shows lately dear, the shows are not quite as bright as back home but they are not too bad. I usually pay 1/9 to get in, that is about 40 cents, so that is not too bad.
So we can get into the middle room at our place now, boy that is good news. Won’t it be a lot of fun when we are settled and able to use some of our things that we received. The only thing that I am worried about is that we have not got any where to go. In a way I wish Mom had kept Browning Ave house so we could have gone there. But we can worry about that when we are together.
I wish I could see “Toots”, I bet she will look real cute when all her hair grows in. I wish I was there to see her and you too of course because I think about you and miss you very much dear. But 5 or 6 more months will not make any difference now as long as we have faith.
How is our car holding up dear, well I hope.
By the way how is Ted and Jack Sherman? I imagine that they will be getting home sooner than I will but nobody really knows.
By the way dear how would you like the summer resort business? The Personnel Counsellor here had told me that there is a course being offered by the Ontario Government in that and I really think it would be a swell thing to get into.
Well dear that is all for now but will write you on Sunday again and so for now dear, all my love to you and Donna.



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